The Only One

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2. Joy Oh Joy

Olivia's P.O.V:

We pulled up to the school shortly after. Ofcourse, there wasn't any parking spots. So, we had to park across the street. We walked in and noticed a bunch of girls surrounding the office. Erin and I looked at eachother. "What's going on in there?" I asked her. "I'm not sure." She answered bluntly. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" We heard a few girls start to scream. Then outcame five of the most gorgeus boys I have ever seen. My jaw dropped to the floor. I looked over at Erin, who actually started to drool. "Erin, you're drooling." I said while laughing uncontrollably. She smiled with embarrasement. We started to head to our lockers. As we passed the group of girls and the five boys, I felt a pair of eyes watching me. I turned around only to catch eye contact with a blonde boy. He was very attractive. It was then that I realized who they were. One Direction. The band everybody loved. I wasn't very keen on them. I thought there music was good, but I thought they sounded stuck up.

My first class was English with Mr. Todd. As I walked into the room I noticed there was two seats left. I strode over to one quickly so no one would get to it first. The bell rang. Mr. Todd walked in with his attitude. He thought he was the shit. It was kind of funny sometimes. He thought everyone was there to serve him, like he was their king. Suddenly the door slammed. I looked over to see the blonde boy standing there. "Ah, Mr. Horan. You're late. I don't like when my students are late." Mr. Todd said with a very rude attitude. "Sorry, I got lost." The boy said looking embarrased. "Don't let it happen again. You can take a seat..." Mr. Todd didn't get to finish his scentence before the popular girl, Ira, yelled "He can sit here." She said pushing her friend off the chair next to her. "Thank you Ira. Always so optimistic, but I think I will place him there. Next to Olivia." Mr. Todd said. I looked up. What! Why? There was nothing I could do to stop Mr. Todd though. The boy sat next to me smiling. "Hey I'm Niall." He said sweetly. His accent was gorgeuos. I wanted to hear it all the time.

"I'm Olivia." I answered bluntly. He let out a laugh. "What's wrong with you?" He asked. "Nothing really. Other than I'm sitting next to a stuck up celebrity." I answered with sass. He didn't reply. He just looked away.


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