This is another short poem I wrote that was selected to be published in my local newspaper.


1. Alone


I stood at the window, watching the red tail lights disappear.

The red tail lights that were taking you far, far out of town.

As I stood at the window I tried to remember, before my memory started to fade.

I remember you lived a street over from me all of my life.

We went to the same school for three years,

we were in the same class,

we should have been best friends,

but I still don’t even know your name.

You were the girl that always clacked her knuckles in English class.

I was the girl who always drummed my nails.

Class went on with a steady beat to the click of my nails and the clack of your fingers.

We attended an hour long english class together every school day for three years, but we never spoke.

It’s amazing how cold people can be.

How we can live our lives so absorbed in our own world that we don’t associate others.

How we can be so consumed with our own lives that we just shut everyone else out.

We were so cold to each other.

How is it that we can spent hours of our lives together and never said a word.

We only talked through clicks and clacks.

And now you are gone,

and we have missed out on a friendship that could have been,

but now never will.

So, as I stood at the window, watching the red tail lights disappear,

I could only think one thing.

English class will be far quieter without you, my should-have-been-would-have-been-could-have been best friend.

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