from the start


1. X-factor

Harry's pov- I have a big love for music my biological dad Des is the one parent who is very supportive. My sister Gemma and I never fight. My mum Anne and my father Des got a divorce when I was very young all I remember is that I cried alot when they weren't together. My mum signed me up to try out for X-Factor and that is where I started my career. The guys and I bonded alot now we are like brothers. I have one sister, Louis has 4 sisters, Liam has 2 sisters, Zayn has 3 sisters, and Niall has 1 brother.


Liams pov- When I was born the doctors said that I was effectively dead. Just to stay alive I had to get 32 shots a day. I have two sisters named Ruth and Nicola. I was on the cross country team then they saw that I was super fast so they put me on the under 18s team, which means I was running against 18 year old men and keeping up with them. My favorite band is One Republic. While I was in the live shows I met this wondeful girl named Danielle Peazer. Now we are dating.



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