Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


7. Chapter 6

Zayn's P.O.V:
"Uhh....I can't believe we just said that on tv." I say."Yeah well...if the girls are watching this....they know....."Harry says. "Well I hope they like us back," Louis says in a peppy voice. "Come on let's go home now." Niall suggests.

Caitlin's P.O.V:

"GUYS THE BOYS ARE BACK!!" I shout. "ACT NORMAL!!" Sarah says,"SIT! MAKE IT LOO LIKE YOU DIDN'T WATCH TV!" Everyone runs away and acts casual. "Shh!" Kristen says.

Harry's P.O.V:

I hope the girls weren't watching tv.... "Hey,we're back!" Zayn says..." The first thing I notice is the girls...acting all weird."H-H-Heyyyy..." Caitlin says. "Uh so where were you guys?" Kristen asks. "We were on tv." Niall says..."talking about what??"  Sarah asks,"Oh...nothin know fan stuff..." Zayn replies.

Niall's P.O.V:

"Caitlin...can I talk to you in the kitchen for a minute?" I ask. "Umm sure." We walk into the kitchen."So...are you doing anything tonight?" I ask. "No,not at all." I smile..."You know Sarah?" "Umm yeah what about her?" "Well...Zayn likes he REALLY likes her..." "Really? She likes him too.." "Well I'll get Zayn to ask her out,and maybe of she says yes we can go on a double date to Nandos tonight." " I'd love that and I'm sure she would say yes." "Great." I bring Zayn in the kitchen and we talk about Sarah. I tell him that she likes him too. He smiles and walks over to Sarah.

Sarah's P.O.V:

I see Zayn walk over to me and I smile. "Hi...I have a question for you." Zayn says. "Will you go out with me?" I smile again,"I thought you'd never ask." "Me,you,Niall,and Caitlin are going to Nandos tonight on a double date,is that okay?" "Sounds great."
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