Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


40. Chapter 39

Niall's P.O.V:
"PERFECT!!" I say cutting Liam off. "What is?" "YOUR IDEA! LET'S HAVE THE PARTY AT THE WEDDING!!Well..the wedding party.." "Okay!" Jess says excitedly. "I'm gonna go back...she might be lonely." I say laughing. They nod and follow me out. I tell them to be quiet and we sneak up on her. We jump out and she screams. Me,Jess,and Liam fall on the floor laughing. "NIALL!!!WHY!?!" She asks. My response is nothing..just laughter. When we get our act together everyone joins us, "Who screamed...and why?" Louis asks. "Me,Liam,and Niall scared her." Jess says still laughing.  "It was funny!" Liam says cracking up on Jess' shoulder. When we get to my parents house all 4 of us leave for cake testing and dress/suit shopping. First we head dress shopping for the girls. But we ditch them and head to the men's wear. I pick out a black and white tux and same with Liam. We also need rings...we have time so i get Caitlin a diamond ring and Liam gets Jess a ruby ring. Because she...well..likes rubies. We meet the girls and they bought beautiful dresses. After that...We then go to cake testing and we taste about 50 at the least cakes. I could eat more but everyone said no. "This one!" I say,"This is the best!" " said that for almost every cake we tasted!" Caitlin said. Liam started cracking up again and he laughed so hard he started crying. "No! This is the best!!" They say. I taste it and enjoy it. "This is the cake! We'll take it." We head home and rest.


I wake up and find that Caitlin isn't in the room. I change and walk out to find Louis at my door. "What's up?" I ask. "Um...I need your advice. I'm kind of nervous.." I laugh.. "Okay. Don't be nervous. Oh and I was meaning to ask,want to be my best man?" "Sure! Anything for you,Niall." He replies laughing. After I give him advice I talk to Liam,Jess,and Caitlin. "What day do you think the wedding should be?" Caitlin and Jess ask. "Um...3 or 4 days?" Liam suggests. "Yeah. That should be enough right?" They nod. "Me and Niall will make the invitations and you and Caitlin can arrange the party. Oh and me and Niall want to add some's a surprise." Liam says winking. They nod and walk away. I call Harry,Louis,and Zayn in to help making the invitations. I told them the plan and what to write..

{Hours Later}

"DINNER!!" I hear. The boys and I run downstairs and find everyone else already down there. I sit down next to Caitlin and eat. We're having chicken! My mom makes the best chicken ever! "Yum!" I say and eat. "So...where's the wedding going to be?" Zayn asks. I shrug,"The girls are planning it." He nods. "So...where is it?" "Jess and I were stuck actually...between 2. A private island or on a private beach." He nods. "Cool." I say. "Let's vote." Harry says. "Who wants to have the private beach?" Grace says. 5 people raise their hand. 7 people raise their hand for private island,including me. "Private island it is!" Natalie says, we clean up and run back to planning the wedding.
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