Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


39. Chapter 38

Niall's P.O.V:
I walked off the stage and me and Liam walked over to Jess and Caitlin. I can't believe it...I just can't believe that she said yes. She hugs me and smiles. "So..." I say. "What?" She replies. "Nothing..." I smile. " are you two,lovebirds?" Sarah says jokingly. " and Zayn?" I say and laugh. She rolls her eyes,"Fine...hey I heard someone is going to propose!" "In the band?" Caitlin asks."Yeah!" "I better ask everyone.." I say. Louis then joins in the conversation. "How's the happy couple?" He says, "Fine,what about you and Natalie?" I ask and put my arm around Caitlin. "Good. I think I know..." "Propose?!??" We yell and Natalie walks over,"Who's going to propose?!" Natalie asks. "Um...we were uh...talking about how Niall and Liam got the idea of proposing?" Sarah says."Yeah." I say. "Aw! You guys are so cute together!" I smile. "Well..what time does this party end?"Caitlin asks. "It ends at 3:00" I say. She nods. "Want to sit down?" I ask her,"Okay." "Guys. Me and Caitlin and just going to sit down okay?" They nod and we walk away. I grab her hand and she kisses me. " enjoying the party?" She asks. I nod,"The best part...was you saying yes." She smiles."The best part was you asking..." She says laughing, I kiss he cheek and then I see a flash. I look up and see  that there is photographers..."Well...this is awkward...." I say. "Yeah.." "Mind if we get some pictures and interview you?" One of the photographers ask. "Um..okay?" " guys are dating?" "Umm...we...are..well...we just got....engaged...." I say, "Ooh! Show us the ring!" "Um..okay.." Caitlin says and shows them the ring. They take pictures and ask more questions.After it was over...they went to interview Jess and Liam. " that we are alone...." I say. "Well...there is nothing really to do...but we're alone," "Yeah..." "Maybe we should have a double wedding like me you Jess and Liam?" I say. She nods and I smile. "About that," I say,"We should talk about it like...right now,the wedding." " the cakes and all...let's go get Liam and Jess." I nod and we walk over them. "Hey guys,me and Caitlin thought...that maybe you and I could have a double wedding.We could talk about it." I say. "Sure! That is a good idea." Liam says. "We would love that. Let's talk about that,sit." We sit and talk. " how about the dresses and suits?" Liam asks. "Me and Jess will go shopping...unless you want to come with us.." Caitlin says. "I guess we will come." I say. "Okay," When the party is finally over...we go on the tour bus and head home. After we talked about the wedding we told everyone else our plan. "Jess...Caitlin...Liam.." I say. "Yeah?" They reply.." tell...your parents?" "No...but I am right now!" Jess and Caitlin say. "Um...not yet but I told them the plan..." Liam says. "I didn't but I will now." I say grabbing my phone. I dial the number and wait for an answer."Niall! How are you?" My mom asks,"Good..." "So..the answer?!!?!" "Yes!" I say cheering. "Good for you! I knew she would say can you not say yes to that face." I start laughing,"We are going to come home to your house for the next 2 nights is that okay?" "Sure...what about your hotel/apartment?" "Oh...we wanted to come visit you! Then we were going to go to the apartment." "Okay! Well I'll see you soon." "Okay,bye." "Bye." I smile and walk over to Caitlin. "Hey,love." I say. "Hey." I kiss her cheek and sit down. "So...we should be at my parents house in about...well in a few hours actually." She nods and we wait for everyone to join us, " what.." She asks."Um...We're your okay with it? Because I've never met them.." I say, "She was okay with it. Um but you should meet them! Since the tour is now over." I smile. "I would love to!" "Okay..." Jess and Liam walk out and sit down. "Hey! Caitlin...Guess what two days from now is?!" Jess says. "What?" I try making a signal to not mention it...Caitlin turns around and I put my hands down."What were you just doing?" She asks.."Nothing..."  "Okay..." I look at Jess and Liam and they have their thumbs up and nodding 'okay.' I smile and nod and run away. "Niall where are you going?!" I hear, I start laughing and fall on my bed. I wait for Jess and Liam to enter the room. "Hey!" Jess says. "Can you believe in 2 days,it's her birthday?!" Liam says. I smile. "Let's plan a surprise party!" They smile and we start thinking of things she likes and ideas for her party.
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