Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


37. Chapter 36

Caitlin's P.O.V: "I need your opinion guys..which shoes?" I say. I pick up red heels and sort of wedged heels..but red."The first one?" Jess says. "Yeah the first," Liam and Niall say.I nod and put my whole outfit together. A red dress,red heels,gold,red,black,pink bracelets,and a locket. "Beautiful,Cait." I hear. I turn around and see Sarah. "Sarah!" I say and hug her. She smiles and I put the outfit away. "We went dress shopping!" I say. Sarah nods, "Me and Zayn went to the mall..." Sarah says. "Any fans?" Liam asks,"No. Not one!" She says surprised. He nods. "Well I'm going to go take a nap. I need my sleep for tomorrow!" She closes the door and before she does Zayn walks in. "Hi Zayn." Niall says. He waves and sits down with us. "So..what are you guys up to?" Zayn asks. I shrug."Nothing really..we went $160.00 worth two dresses!" Jess says. "Who paid?" "...Niall and Liam..." Zayn starts laughing. "It's not that funny.." Liam says. "No no its not." Niall says...then randomly starts laughing. "Okay..."

{Hours pass}

"DINNER IS READY!" I hear Maura yell. We walk downstairs and sit down. "We are having chicken and pasta."She says. I eat and then look at the time. "So..Caitlin...Where did you come from?" Bobby says. "New York..." He nods. My phone vibrates. I check it and it's from my mom. "Umm..excuse me,I'm really sorry.My mom is calling." They nod and I walk away. "Mom! I miss you!" I say. "Me too. Where are you now?" "Ireland." "Oh cool. What are you doing now?" "Oh we are eating dinner. But they can wait. I haven't heard from you in a while! I miss you,and dad,and Coco!" I say. "They miss you too." " is the weather there? It started thundering and lightning here," "Oh.It is really nice. Sunny,sometimes cloudy, and rainy..." "Cool.I really miss you." "Okay. You go finish dinner.Bye,Caitlin. I love you. And by the way dad says hi and bye." She says laughing. "Bye! I miss and love you too." I say. She hangs up and I finish dinner. "Sorry.. It's just I haven't talked to my parents in awhile." I say."Don't be sorry." Maura says. I smile and finish eating. After we're done..the girls and I hang out."So...what do you want to do now?" I ask. They shrug."Lets talk about our boyfriends!" Grace says. "Okay." "Um....I'll start...well actually me and Caitlin's the same topic.." Jess says. I nod. "It's just... I wish I could you know...know what the announcement is." I nod, "Yeah! I wonder why they won't tell us.." I say. "Well...we know what it is. He said not to tell but you will understand tomorrow. I's really big!" Sarah says,"Yeah..." Natalie says."How about we talk about Harry??" Grace asks. We laugh and I ask,"What about him?" She shrugs."Let's play would you rather!!" Natalie suggests.  "Yeah!! Totally!" Sarah says. "I'll go first.." Jess says. "Okay...Caitlin...would you rather...Kiss a really dirty elephant...or kiss a monkey?" Jess says. "Um,a monkey..." I reply. "Okay...Sarah...would you rather jump off a building and die or....Jump off a cliff and die?" Grace asks. "Building...I'm not sure." "Okay Natalie.. Would you rather eat 5 big macs in a row everyday...or eat a 10 pound hamburger everyday." I ask. "Uh oh dear. 10 pound hamburger???" We laugh. "My turn!" Sarah says,"Grace. Would you rather...die reason why...and without anyone knowing for the few days...OR die from cancer,hard time breathing,etc." Natalie asks. "None!!! But if I had to...I would choose the first reason.." "Yeah same.." I say. The boys walk in and we smile. "Hey." Niall says sitting down next to me. I smile. "We're playing Would You Rather..." Natalie says. "Cool." Zayn says,"Mind if we join?" "Join in. We don't care." Jess says. "Wait...why don't we play truth or dare?" Liam asks. "Okay," We say. "Who is going first?"  I ask. "Me!Niall Tru-" Jess says. "And NO doing a dare that has to do with the announcement." Liam says and Jess sighs,"Someone else go." I laugh and Natalie asks me truth or dare. "...I'm scared of what your going to do..." I say,"Just say dare! I have the perfect idea!" I shake my head no.."Your going to do something bad..." "" I roll my eyes,"Truth...." "You ruined my plan...I'll do it to someone else then..who ISN'T afraid of saying dare." I ignore her and wait for the truth. "Is it true.....that you love Niall....??" My face turns red..."Yes..." I say in a shaky voice. "Thats all you had to say...It's not hard.." Jess says laughing. "Jess...truth or dare?" I ask, "Truth.." "Is it true LOVEEEEEE Liam with all your heart?" "Dare," "I dare you to answer that question.." She narrows her eyes and nods her head. "Guys..I have a question...what time are we leaving to the Queens party thing? And how long is it going to take to get there?" Grace asks. "We are leaving at 9:30... It begins and 12:00 but she wants us a little like set up. We will get there at 10:30-11:00...but this is in the morning...and it's probably ging to take an hour or so."Niall says. We nod."Its about time we go to sleep." I say. "It's 12:30" Everyone nods and we go to our rooms and go to sleeep.
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