Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


36. Chapter 35

Niall's P.O.V:
I jump in the pool and we all watch the thunder and lightning, "So..what time is it?" Jess asks. I look at the clock on the wall."It's 12:06" I say. "Okay." "OH MY GOD!!!" Caitlin says,"NO WAY!!" Sarah says, I laugh,"What?" "YOU HAVE A HOT TUB?!?!!?!?!?" Natalie asks. I nod. "Your so lucky!!" "Can we go in it?" Harry whines. I nod,"I guess.." I say. I grab Caitlin's hand and sit down. "Well...tomorrow we have to go to the 'Queens Birthday Bash'" I say. "Oh yeah! We need to go shopping!" Caitlin says, I laugh. "Well..what are you going to wear?" Jess asks the boys. "A nice suit a guess..." Liam says. "Oh...we need to get dresses!" Sarah says in excitement. "Yeah! I saw is really cute's red and it's not like really long but it's not to short. " Caitlin says. "Oh my god I saw that! That is so cute!" Jess says,"I know right!" I look at the boys and roll my eyes.. They laugh and we try and get their attention. "Hello?" I say. Louis kisses Natalie and the girls finally shut up. "Thank you! Can we talk about something else besides dresses?" Liam asks. We all agree.."There will be a big announcement for you and Jess..." Louis said to Caitlin..I slapped Louis and she replies,"What announcement?" Everything went silent. "So. anyone going answer that?" Jess asks,"Cause' I'm curious too." " uhh cousin recently got a puppy?" Zayn says. "Umm okay.." Caitlin says. "It's been awhile.. That we were in here...." I say. "So um...maybe we should get out?" Harry says. We agree and dry off. "So...please...tell me and Jess....what the heck the announcement is!" Caitlin says. I sigh and grab her hands. "You will find out tomorrow!" She frowns.."Fine." I kiss her and she smiles. "I love you." I whisper...I am not sure if she heard it but whatever. She walks to my room and changes. When all the girls leave the room and it's just the boys and I.."I can't believe it!!!" Zayn says all excitedly.."She might not agree,Zayn.." I say. "I'm sure she will." He replies looking in his little mirror. We laugh. "And Liam...same for you." Zayn says. "Is that supposed to give him confidence?" Harry asks. "No....just stating I can be wrong, so don't listen to me...ever. " Zayn says running away. "Good luck,guys." Harry and Louis say walking off. "We can do this...right?" Liam asks me.."Yeah.." I say and I see Caitlin walk out. "Hey. You can change now." She says. I nod and walk off. I can't believe this! Louis talked me and Liam into it! Stupid convincing... I shook that off and changed.

Caitlin's P.O.V:

" you know any Niall's announcement is about?" I ask. He nods slowly and covers his mouth..."I can't tell though...I'm sorry...but you could go shopping! Here's $20 an ice cream or something?" He says and pushing me out of the room. Okay..."Umm,why did Liam push you out of the room?" Jess asks, I shrug. "He won't tell me!" "I tried with Niall....he wouldn't tell me either." She says sighing. "Want to take them...'Dress Shopping!'" She says.. I smile.."Sure...they can help us pick out what we are going to wear!" I say... I see Liam and Niall talking...they freeze and walk over to us. We smile and put our shoes on."Where are we going?" Niall asks. "Dress shopping!We...well..need your advice on what to wear."Jess says, "Do we have to?" Liam ask. "Yes! That or you gotta tell us what the announcement is." I say and me and Jess laugh. They put on their shoes and we are gone. "Oh my god,Jess! There's the dress I wanted!The red one with the ruffles!" I say pointing to it. "Okay...let's try it on." Jess says walking in the store. I put on the dress and walk out. I look at Niall and his eyes bulge.. "Umm Niall? You okay?" Liam says. "Umm's nice. How much?" I smile and look at the tag. "It's $79.99" I say. "Okay! Let's buy it and get out of here." Liam says. "Jess still needs to get a dress" I say.  She nods and I help her pick out the most perfect dress for her. It's like the same but different color,it's purple. It suits her. "Same price..sort of the same dress." Jess says. We checkout and hug Niall and Liam. "Thanks." We say and walk home. "No problem." "Hey,Niall! Let's get some ice cream." Liam says. "Yay!" We laugh and go to the ice cream store. Girls are screaming but we ignore it. "Chocolate chip cookie dough with...umm extra cookie dough!" I say. "I'll have the same." Niall says. "I will have mint chocolate chip with rainbow sprinkles." Jess says. "And I will have vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles." Liam says. We pay and run back home. "Best ice cream ever!" I say. Jess opens the door and we see Louis jumping all around. "Um. Louis? You okay?" We ask. "HES HYPER!!" Maura yells. I nod. And go to Niall's room. I put my stuff down and finish the ice cream, Liam and Jess walk in and we talk. "Where is Zayn and Sarah?" Liam asks. "Oh Sarah texted me saying that she is going to the mall with Zayn." Jess says. "Well what about Harry,Natalie,and Grace?"Niall asks. "They went out to get lunch." I say. We finish our ice cream and watch some tv.
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