Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


35. Chapter 34

Caitlin's P.O.V:
 "Come on! I can't wait to meet your parents!" I say. I bring my whole tray of food and then walk with Niall. I open the door and I freeze. "Oh. My. God. Niall! This house is huge!" I say. He nods and takes me to his parents room. He knocks on the door and I can hear someone say,"Come in!" In a sort of highish voice. I open the door and see this master bedroom. His parents smile and walk over to me. "Hi...I'm Bobby.This is my wife,Maura." His dad says, I smile and shake his hand.."Im Caitlin." I say. "What a lovely name." Maura says, I smile. "So..we're going swimming in 10-20 minutes.." Niall says. "Okay. I'm glad we could finally meet you!" Maura says.."Yeah..Niall has talked about you...a lot...on the phone." Bobby says and I laugh. "Dad! Stop..." Niall says with his face red. "It's okay,Niall. I do the same...I admit it.." I say laughing. " guys can go get ready to swim. It's fine." Maura says and we leave. "Your parents are really nice." I say. Then Niall puts his arm around me."Yeah.." I kiss Niall on the cheek and grab my bathing suit and change. I walk out of the room and see Niall,Harry,Grace,Liam,and Jess already outside the door waiting for me. I smile and we walk outside. "This is like the biggest pool...EVER!!" Jess says. Out of nowhere me,Jess,and Grace get pushed in the pool. We scream and turn around. "NIALL!!!" I yell. Him and the boys laugh. Me,Grace,and Jess swim to the ladder and run after them. "IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!" Jess shouts. We finally catch up and push them in the deep deep end. They splash water on us. " what are you going to do?" Liam says while me,Grace,and Jess sit at the edge of the pool kicking the water. "I don't know..." Jess says sarcastically. A second later I scream! Niall grabbed my foot and pulled me in. "Niall!" I say, "Yes,love?" He says laughing and swims away as fast as possible. In the background I can hear screaming too. The boys laughing....I finally catch up to Niall and grab his arm. "LIAM HARRY HELP!!!" Niall yells. A second later Liam and Harry are like halfway near us! "NO!! HE DOESN'T NEED HELP!!" I shout laughing and I jump on his back. "Start swimming!" I tell him,"No!" I laugh..."JESS!!!GRACE HELP!!!" I shout.. They already were here so I felt like an idiot. The boys start attacking us. "NO!!! HELP ME!!" I say and start sinking. I laugh and start swimming away, when I surface I see that everyone else came! I see that Niall is right under me so I scream. "WHAT?!?" Sarah asks. "Niall is unde-" I say and get pulled under. I see someone dive in...ZAYN!! Ugh..if only we could talk underwater! He grabs my arm and try's to pull me out. But on the other hand,Niall is pulling...Zayn let's my arm free and I pull Niall to the top. "Zayn...I didn't need to be saved." I say laughing, "Niall just was playing around.." "Oh.." I feel bad for him. I swim away from Niall because he gives me a weird look that I think he is going to do something. I start swimming and I can hear him swimming after me. "Saarrahhh!!Jeesssssss!!! Nnaaatallliee!!!!Grraaaceceee!!HELP!!" I say laughing...I stop swimming and go up the ladder. I hide behind Sarah and Jess.."I'm not an idiot! I know your there.." Niall says laughing..I look around but the boys surrounded me. I try and make an escape but Niall just grabs me and throws me in the pool. I laugh and look at Sarah. "Where did Sarah go?" I ask. "Oh...Zayn pushed her in the pool..." Liam says. Everyone else jumps in. The boys start chasing us(the girls) in the pool. We scream and swim, "Umm guys...The pool doesn't go on forever! We are going to die!" Natalie says, "Not literally..." Grace says, "Haha well let's just swim while we can.." I say."Wait! THEY ARE CATCHING UP TO US!!" Sarah screams, "Guys! Maybe we can climb that." Jess says pointing to the edge of the pool. "Maybe but lets focus on swimming!" I say. When we get to the edge,Me,Natalie,and Sarah struggle to make it but Niall,Louis,and Zayn pull us back in. "NOOO SARAH,CAITLIN,AND NATALIE ARE GONE!!" Jess says and runs away with Grace. We scream and the boys like trap us! "Are yo ever going to let go?" Natalie asks. "Never!" Louis says. "What about you and Zayn?" Natalie asks. "No!" Niall says holding me tighter. "Thank god we are in the shallow end." Sarah says. I nod. "No..I don't think I will."  Zayn says. I reach out for Sarah's hand but Niall pulls me away laughing. "Caitlin!" Sarah yells. "Sarah! Natalie!" I shout. The boys take us to the deep end and we scream. "IM COMING FOR YOU GUYS!!" Jess and Grace yell. They dive in trying to set us free but all they do is hold on tighter. "Or..maybe not.." Jess says swimming to the ladder because Liam is chasing her! "Jess...HE'S LIKE RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!" Natalie shouts. "Grace..Harry is like you know...right behind you here's a thought," I say,"SWIM FASTER!!!" She nods but then gets captured by Harry. "NOOOO!!!" Grace says laughing. "4 down...1 to go." Liam says. We all laugh and Liam runs out of the pool and grabs Jess, "Perfect!" "Now what?" I ask. "This..."The boys say and out of no where it starts thundering and pouring. "It wasn't that....but um we were going to surprise you with a kiss..." Louis says. Idiot. "Come on I see lightning bolts...we shouldn't be out here," Harry says. We nod,grab our towels and go inside. "Luckily we have an indoor pool!" Niall says laughing. "Yeah..we should go in it. Maybe it's warm." I say. "Okay." Zayn says and we walk to the pool.
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