Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


33. Chapter 32

Liam's P.OV:
" will put a smoke machine in the kitchen and yell 'Fire!!' and we have to make sure they aren't on the tour bus at the moment.Got it?" I whisper to them. They nod and me and Harry head to the store to get a smoke machine. When we arrive at the store we look at the smoke machines they have. "I found a perfect price! $50.00" Harry says walking up to me with it. I smile and we checkout, we open the door and I see a girl screaming...then me and Harry run to the tour bus and soon enough,there's a whole mob of screaming girls. Harry and I start screaming. "Where are we supposed to go?!? We aren't supposed to move out of the spot the bus is at." I say. "Um..I'm not sure. But let's just focus on where we are going!" She replies. I look at Harry and he takes out her phone and calls Caitlin. 'Caitlin! Help! We are being chased by fans!' 'Umm...we will be right there!' she says and hangs up on him. "I don't think I can keep running anymore!" I say panting. "Come on,Liam! The girls are going to be here soon!" Harry says. A second later I see Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace and Sarah running down here. I sigh of relief. Me and Harry run behind them. "Let us through!" One of the fans scream. "Um..we are One Directions best friends..we can't let you go...because they are rehearsing a new song for you guys?" Caitlin says. "Then why we're they at the store buying a fog machine?" "Um,that's because it's for their music video..." Sarah says. Natalie signals for us to leave. We leave and let the girls to it. "Wow...they did good." I say laughing. "Yeah..." Me and Harry finally reach the tour bus and walk in."We are home!" I shout. I walk in my room to hide the fog machine.. A second later I notice that the other team is gone.. We can start our plan!"Harry! We can start the plan!" I shout. He smiles and we put the fog on the kitchen and waited for everyone to come. We sit outside the bus and finally see the whole other team. "GUYS THERE'S A FIRE IN THERE! WE CAN'T GO IN!!" I yell and the team just goes in. It's all smoky so they crawl on the floor and on the outside..lay team and I are laughing SO hard! "They run outside with the smoke machine. We laugh. "Now we're even!" I say. "Score: 1-1" Harry says and each team huddles up coming up with a new plan. 
Plans: Team 1: Unscrew the showerhead and place a teabag inside. Screw the shower head back on like nothing's out of the ordinary. Team 2: hook their brake switch to the horn.

Caitlin's P.O.V:

I walk into the bathroom with Niall.. He brings the tools we were going to use. I put the teabag inside and we put the shower head back on. I laugh and run outside. "None of them noticed!" I say,"Yeah...we have to wait until one of them take a shower." Niall says. "Sooo..anyone want to take a shower?" I say. "Um...actually I am. Tomorrow morning I won't be able to take one because we're leaving really early,right?" Grace asks. "Yeah." Niall says,Grace nods and walks into the bathroom. I look at my watch.. "Guys we have exactly one more hour!" I say excitedly. "Were going to win" Natalie says. "Pfft. In your dreams." Jess says. "Well. Let's stop wasting our time!" Niall shouts. A second later I hear a scream. My team and I laugh so hard me,Niall,and Sarah collapse on the floor laughing. Then i hear Niall laughing so loud I can't help laughing back. "Hello? What did you guys do?" Liam says in an angrily voice. We get up off the floor and tell them what we did. I then look at Niall who is looking at me. "What?" I say,"Uh..Nothing..why?" He replies. "Oh..I mean you were looking at I thought you were going to say something.." He nods and we pay attention to what the other team was saying,"Now it's 2-1" Harry said, my team and I laugh and talk with my group."We can win this! It's only 11:20!!" I say excitedly. Zayn smiles. I start to yawn but I can't fall asleep...Niall looks at me yawning and walks over and hugs me, I rest my head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat. I smile. "So what are we going to next?" Zayn asks. "I'm not about we use post-it notes ALLL over their room!" I say," least one of their rooms," Jess says. "Yeah! Let's go..!" Sarah says. " and Caitlin will go shopping for more. Okay?" Niall says. I never agreed..but okay. "Alright..Jess, me please." Sarah says. They nod and me and Niall walk off to the store. "What's the time?" I ask. "11:30" "Oh my god! We could win this!" He nods. He grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers. I smile and walk in the store. " you ha-" I get cut off by the squeal from the cashier.."Your-Your Niall Horan." He smiles and nods. "Can I have your autograph?" I can tell she's probably like...16..maybe 17. He nods and hands it to her. "Thank brings you...Niall my store?" I roll my eyes and she noticed. Oops. "Umm...did you just roll your eyes at me??" I nod and cross my arms, I look at Niall and he's looking at me..."Whatever...what do you want?" She says trying to stay calm. "Post-it notes...were doing a prank war with the boys and my friends..." I say nicely. " Please hurry were closing up in 15 minutes," she says. We nod and look for some post-its. "Oooh! Niall lets get multi-colored post-its!" I say laughing. He nods and we buy like almost 50 packs. "Wow...what are you planning to do?" She asks. "We are covering...who should it be?" Niall asks. "Harry's?" He nods,"Were covering Harry's room in post-it notes!" He says. She nods,"Well..lucky for you...I'm that nice to let you go for free. I can't let you pay like $300 worth of post its." "Thanks." We run out of the store so no fans come... I get a text from Jess...'Guys! They hooked the brake switch to the horn! Zayn was going to start driving to Niall's parents house and we got pranked! The score is 2-2' I sigh and tell Niall what happened.. We run back and I look at the time..11:55!!!!
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