Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


32. Chapter 31

Zayn's P.O.V:
I had fun today..All of us are now laying down on our towels..or at least I think all of us are.. A second later I hear a scream... I get up and see Caitlin and Sarah screaming at a crab on their towel.."Uh...guys? How the heck do you get a crab off your towel?" Sarah says. "Umm not sure..just leave it there..." I say. "And where are we supposed to sit?" Caitlin asks. "Just share it with me,love." Niall says. "And Sarah..share it with me if you want." She sits down and we all talk. "Stupid crab!" Sarah says. I roll my eyes.."It's a will go away." I say. "Louis...don't freak...but there's a crab literally right behind you.." Niall says. He gets up and moves on the sand. "Umm...maybe we should go before all these crabs start invading everyone else's towels." Natalie says. We agree and try shaking the crabs off. "Mines off!" Caitlin says. "So is mine." Says Louis. "Not mine!" Sarah says. Liam takes his shoe and smacks it off. We walk to the tour bus and change. "Well..that was interesting." Grace says. "Yeah..well I can't wait for tomorrow!" Harry says. "Neither can I,I haven't seen my parents since last tour." Niall says. "Well..I can't wait to meet them." Caitlin says. "Well..Im going to make some dinner...what do you guys want?" Liam asks. "Chicken,rice,potatoes,and umm,I'm not sure.." Niall says. "Thats enough." Louis and Grace say laughing. "Alright! Coming right up.." Liam says. "Soo..Besides the crab was all fun!" Jess says. "Yeah,it was." Sarah says. "We'll I'm going to take a shower." Caitlin was walking in to the bathroom and locking the door. "So now what?" Louis asks. "Truth or dare?" Niall suggests," watch tv and relax," Harry says. "But...I want to play truth or dare!" Grace whines. "Fine...majority vote. Who wants to play truth or dare.." Natalie says..Louis,Natalie,Grace,Jess,Liam and I raise our hand. "Wait! Or we can do....Prank Wars!" Harry says. "YEAH!!" I shout but then everyone looks at me like I'm some sort of creep..I sit down and we arrange the teams. "How about couples vs. couples?" Harry suggests,"Or maybe..girls against guys?" Grace says. "Umm let's wait for Caitlin." Natalie says. "Okay." Niall and I say. "Now let's watch tv." Louis says and grabs the remote. "Well...this is interesting..." I say sarcastically... "Crabs..." We laugh. A second later Caitlin walks out in a green off the shoulder top and some shorts. Her hair is dry and looks a little lighter.. "Caitlin!" Niall shouts,"We are doing a prank war!" "Cool..what are the teams?" She asks..."We were waiting on you for that." Grace says, "There are either...couples vs. couples, everyone against each .other,girls against guys...umm any other ideas?" Harry says.. "Oh! We can do teams! Like guys and girls mix though.." Liam says. "I guess that could work!" Caitlin says. "Okay what are the teams?" I ask. "Okay...Team 1: Niall,Caitlin,Jess,Sarah,Zayn." Louis says in a weird host's voice. "Team 2: Natalie,Louis,Liam,Harry Grace!"  We laugh and get ready. My team and I talk. "So..what are we going to do?" I ask. "Ooh! We could switch around the contacts on someone's phone." Niall says, "Yeah!" "Oh we can also unscrew the showerhead and place a teabag inside. Screw the shower head back on like nothing's out of the ordinary. Tea bag + hot water = shower full of tea!" Sarah says laughing."Okay. Let's do the phone prank first." Caitlin says. "Hey..umm.Harry..our phones are dead can we use yours?My um dad wants me to text him and my team said they want to ,say hi." Sarah says. "This isn't a prank is it?" "No! I forgot to text him last night so I wanted to text him now before I forget." He nods and hands his phone to Sarah. He's so easy to fool.. I watch Sarah and she changes all of the contacts names. She smiles,"Here Harry...thanks for letting me use your phone.." "No problem..........." He looks at his phone...checking everything..his phone then rings. He answers saying,'Hi mom!Uh....who is this?' He hangs up and gets mad. "DUDE!!!!!!!!" he yells. We laugh and give him the sheet of paper of all the contacts her had with their numbers. He sits down and changes the names. "We are so going to win." Caitlin says. Liam runs to the food. "GUYS!!DINNERS READY!!" We all sit down and eat. "So...whoever has the most points by 12 wins..." Natalie says. "What do we win?" Grace asks. "Um...I'm not sure...."  "Oh! The losers HAVE to do EVERYTHING the Winners tell them too!" Niall says. "Yeah! Get ready to lose!" Harry says..."Were not going to lose! You are!" I say. "Oh it's on!" Louis says..."IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!" Liam says and we all laugh.
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