Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


31. Chapter 30

Caitlin's P.O.V:
I smile at Niall."" Harry starts stuttering. " okay?" I ask laughing. "Umm yeah. I'm fine." he says..I ignore what just happened and I talk to Grace.  "So...when do you think we should go to the beach today?" I ask her, "I'm not sure..Harry?Niall? What do you think?" She says shrugging. Harry shrugs "How about 10:30...well that's in 10 minutes..Oh well." Niall says,"Okay." Me and Grace say. Sarah and Zayn walk out with messy hair. We laugh,"You guys are so loud!" Zayn complains. "Well..better get ready we're going to the beach with or without you in 10 minutes." Zayn and Sarah's eyes bulge. They run into everyone's room and wake everyone up, I laugh and continue our conversion. "So...I'm just going to change now..." I say walking away.  I grab my red and white polka dot bikini and change. I grab a towel,sunglasses,and I walk out and I see the boys and Grace already changed. I sit down on the couch and wait for the rest of the girls. "So.." Grace says awkwardly. "Hmm.. SARAH?? Are you ready ye-" Zayn yells but sees her walking out,"Nevermind then." I walk over to where Jess is staying.."Guys are you ready?" I ask and look at Jess who is putting on lip gloss. "Really,Jess?" I say laughing. "Yeah! I'm ready.." She replies and I walk to where Natalie is staying, "Natalie?"'I say knocking on the door. "Yeah?" " ready yet? We're about to leave." "I'm ready." She says and opens the door. We all walk out of the tour bus and we walk to the beach. "I'm surprised no girls have noticed you yet." Natalie says. "Yeah..well don't jinx it,you never know when a whole mob of screaming fans could pop up.." Liam says. "True.." Grace says.. We enter the beach and surprisingly nobody is here but us. We place our towels and bags down.. I run in the water with the girls and the boys start chasing us. We scream and laugh.  Me,Grace and Sarah run into a different direction. We turn around and find that Harry,Niall,and Zayn aren't chasing us now.. We sigh but until something grabs us underwater we scream.. Up come Zayn,Harry,and Niall laughing. They pull us underwater and we fall. Thank god we can see underwater cause the boys were already swimming away. I see Niall and and Sarah swim after them..we caught up really fast and grabbed their foot.. They stop swimming and come up from underwater. We come up too and before I know it Zayn and Niall were kissing us. When we break apart we race back to everyone else. Me and Sarah win! "Haha!" Saran rubs it in their face. Zayn rolls his eyes. I laugh. I look at Natalie whispering something to Jess,Liam,Louis,Grace,and Harry. A second later they are all splashing at us. Harry and Louis pull out water guns and squirt us.. Me,Niall,Zayn,and Sarah whisper a plan. We all agree that we are a team and agree to the plan. Me and Niall run a different direction from them.. I turn around and look for Zayn and Sarah.. I saw that they did as they were told... They ran to get the bucket and water gun Zayn always hides. Me and Niall just ran around like complete idiots trying to find something to use..."NIALL!!I FOUND WATER GUNS!!" I yell. "How many?" I start to count but get squirted on the back from a water gun. I turn around and it's Harry!! "HARRY!!" I shout. He starts running towards the water. I smile and grab 1/4 water guns. I laugh and fill mine up and squirt Harry. Then I see Zayn walk up with a bucket with water and pour it on him. Harry screams but laughs. Then eventually everyone else comes up and everyone starts to freeze..."Umm..." Niall taps my shoulder,"RUN!!!!" He says and I turn around and I see Harry chasing me! I scream and follow Niall. "NOOO I FORGOT TO FILL MY WATER GUN UP!!" Everyone laughs at me but I ignore it. I catch up to Niall and jump on his back. "Getting onto Niall's back won't make him any faster,Caitlin!" Harry said. "Right..." I say laughing. "FAIL CAITLIN!!" I hear Jess yell from behind. I turn around and Harry and Jess are right up behind us, "NIALL!!! THEY ARE LITERALLY RIGHT BEHIND US!!" I shout and get water poured on me and Niall. We laugh and Niall collapses on the floor...and so do I since I was on his back... Jess has 2 water guns and uses both on us. I look up and everyone is hovering over us.. Water gets poured and squirted on us. I sigh and run to Niall's bag.. He told me he had water balloons. I grabbed the balloons and started to throw them at Harry,Jess,Grace,Liam,Natalie,and Louis. They scream and run away. I smile and walk to Niall and hand him some balloons. I run to Zayn and Sarah and share some balloons with them too. I take a bucket and fill it with balloons and a filled water gun. I chase Grace and Natalie. I start throwing balloons at them until we reach the water. They fill their guns and start chasing me.. Zayn joins me and we reach the fence.. We get surrounded by the other team..I still continue to throw as many as I can until I run out. Niall and Sarah come up from behind and squirt them. Me and Zayn run off and catch up with Niall and Sarah.."Thank you...I thought we were going to lose back there." Zayn says laughing, "Come on...we are going to lose if we don't refill our guns and take some water balloons!" Niall shouts. I hear screaming behind us. "Shoot! The beach is coming to an end! We can't turn around!" I say. "Or can we." Sarah says in a weird voice. 
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