Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


3. Chapter 3

Caitlin's P.O.V:
"Um. We just met,you know?" He looks down disappointed. "Okay,I understand." "Niall! I never said no!" He looks up with a half smile,"So..what is your answer?" I sigh,"I guess we could give it a try." He smiles and hugs me.

Jessica's P.O.V:
I wake up and yawn.I wonder what they were talking about last night. I walk out,hair messed up and smell something wonderful...pancakes! Liam's making pancakes. "Hello,love." Zayn says. "Hi." I say. I see Liam walking with a plate of pancakes. "Morning,Jess." Liam says and walks over serving me,Zayn,and Niall some pancakes. "Good Morning,Liam. That smells delightful." I say. I see Caitlin and Grace walk out. "Hey sleepy heads." Niall says. Caitlin walks over and sits next to Niall and smiles. She so likes him. "yeah we should." I hear Niall whisper. I wonder what they are up to. "So.Are you guys going to tell us what you guys were talking about last night?" I ask. "Well...we are going to tell you guys when everyone is awake. "Fine." I say and we eat our pancakes. "Wow,Liam. You can really cook." Says Grace. "Thanks," he responds. "Yeah. Your amazing...I wish I could cook like this." I say and Liam winks at me. "Thanks,love." I laugh. "What's so funny?" Zayn asks. "Mmmm nothing..." He eats like a pig! I see Harry,Louis,Sarah and Natalie walk out. "Morning," Caitlin says..."Morning." "Umm hey,Niall...Caitlin....Tell us what you guys were talking about,last night." I say. "Fine" I smile.She gets up and walks in front of the tv while holding Niall's hand. "Were going out." We clap and smile. Natalie,Grace,Sarah, and I walk over to them and congratulate them. "Thanks guys..." Caitlin says. " did it all go down?What happened?"Grace asks.

Niall's P.O.V:

 "Well..." I say. "When we were playing truth or dare....after she kissed me...I knew I liked her for sure. At the fair...I thought I was falling for her,but then after that kiss.I really liked her." I said smiling at her."Then,he brought me to his room and we talked...he said that he liked me...and so..I told him my feelings for him and now...we're going out." Caitlin says."Aw,you guys are perfect for each other!" Grace and Jess says. I see Caitlin smile....I can't help but smile back. "Well....we should go home..." Natalie says. "Don't be silly,"Louis says."You guys could stay another night." The girls faces lit up so bright,especially Caitlin's. "I would really like that." She says. "Okay...I guess another night won't be bad." Natalie says. "Alright."Sarah says. "Well can we just get some other clothes to wear?" Grace says. "Well how about we go to the mall?" Zayn suggests,"Yeah I guess." Grace says.

Grace's P.O.V:

As we pull up to the mall the boys hide their face and walk to the entrance. We shop for hours until a bunch of screaming fans come up to us. "Oh no," Liam said. An angry one runs up to Niall and Caitlin...I just noticed his arm around her. I looked away but heard a really loud scream...not a fan scream....but a scream,of pain. "What was that for!" Niall yelled. "OW!" "Are you okay?" Niall asked as I walked up to them.."What happened?" I asked. The angry fan walked away. "Caitlin?" Zayn said. "Are you okay!?" Liam asked. "Hello?Caitlin?" "I'm fine." She replies.
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