Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


30. Chapter 29

Louis' P.O.V:
I wake up and walk over to Liam's room.."WAKE UP!!" I yell..I turn on the light and see him and Jess sleeping on the floor.."Umm really?" I say. They wake up and look very startled."Uhh hi...." Jess says.."Umm,I'm just going to go now." I say. "And by the way we have a concert in an hour!" I yell. "Ugh!" I hear Liam say. I laugh and wake up everyone. "GET UP!!WE HAVE A CONCERT SOON!!!" I yell. Caitlin and Niall walk out. "Morning,lovebirds." She takes a pillow and throws it at me."Someones in a bad mood," I say laughing. "Shut up." She says. I grin and wake up the others.  Sarah wakes up and slaps me on the face."OW!" I say. Zayn laughs and walks out. "That was for yelling at me to wake up!!!" Sarah says.. "Your lucky I didn't jump on the bed and sing." I say. "I would have liked that way better!" "Well...I'm not a mind reader!" She rolls her eyes at me. "Someones not getting breakfast." I say jokingly.Everyone else wakes up and eats breakfast I prepared for them. "We have a concert in a half hour..." I say.."Oh right! We should get ready!" Niall says.."You don't say?" Zayn says laughing and walks to his room.

Jessica's P.O.V:

Louis was getting really strict. I ignore that any get ready for the concert. I'm supposed to meet Ashley,Olivia,and Brianna today! I pick out this really cute red ruffled shirt and I get some jean shorts and sandals. I walk out and see Caitlin in a blue off the shoulder shirt and jean shorts with flip flops. Then Natalie walks out in a pretty green tank top and capris..she puts on sneakers and Grace walks out. She's wearing a casual shirt... It has the Eiffel Tower and 'I Heart Paris' on it from last year when we all went on vacation together.Some capris and sneakers. Finally Sarah walks out in matching off the shoulder shirt as Caitlin...except it's pink and she's wearing jean shorts and flip flops. We all walk out and head to the concert with the boys. On the way the boys sing 'What Makes You Beautiful' to us. I am actually glad I went to the fair...if we didn't then...I'm not sure what I would have done with myself. The boys would be with probably someone else....I ignore my thoughts and keep listening to them sing. When the song ends they sing 'One Thing' I smile and I hug Liam, "Were here!" Caitlin says excitedly. We walk in and people cheer and try to reach for the boys. The girls and I sort of surround them so they can't touch them. We walk backstage and the boys rehearse. "Its been a month and two weeks since we first met One Direction!" Grace says. "You...we're...counting?..." Natalie asks. "And you weren't?" Sarah says. "No.." "Guys they are going on stage now!" Caitlin says."Come on!" We follow them out and hug,kiss,and wish them good luck! They walk out on stage and sing. We cheer and clap. "I can't believe it's been a month already!" I say. "'s been an amazing month..I still can't believe that...we know them...and we're dating them!" Caitlin replies. "It has..." Sarah agrees. We look and watch the boys. We cheer and clap more. We sing along. After the show we meet some fans. We see Brianna,Olivia,and Ashley. "Hey! We brought another friend...if you don't mind." Olivia says. "We don't...but who did you bri-" I say and see that it's Marina! "MARINA!!!" We yell and run and hug her! "Hey guys!Olivia,Brianna,and Ashley told me about where you guys were..and...who your new boyfriends guys are so lucky!!" She says. "We know." I say and laugh. "So what have you been up to?" Caitlin asks. "Nothing..I went to Peru and Paraguay this summer.." "That's cool! What was it like there?" Sarah asks,"It was awesome!" "You must have had a good summer so far." Natalie says. "Not a great as yours! I would LOVE to meet,become friends,and especially DATE one of the members!" "Yeah.. You have a point." Grace says. "But...Kristen was here. She is now I think at Florida." I say. "Not sure.." "Ohh parents went down to Texas to see my grandparents." Marina replies. "Cool." I say, Olivia,Brianna and Ashley walk towards us. "Hey! Sorry..we were just talking to the boys." Ashley says. "Oh cool." Natalie replies. "Well...tomorrow we are going to the beach...the next day we are going to Niall's parents house...they live in a HUGE mansion and they have an indoor pool,an outdoor pool,elevators,escalators,like everything you could imagine. The day after that...we are heading to the Queens daughters birthday ball..after that is another concert. But the next day is the last concert for the tour. I know it was kind of short but...still." Sarah says. "Wow!"Brianna says. "You guys are really like..." Marina says,"Busy!" Olivia finishes her sentence. "Yeah..this morning..Louis woke us up by yelling at us saying,'GET UP!!!WE HAVE A CONCERT SOON!!!'" Caitlin says and they laugh. "It's true! And it isn't funny!" Sarah says, "It kind of is..." Ashley says. "Yeah..soo what are you guys doing tonight?" Brianna asks. "Got any plans?" "No..." Sarah,Me,and Natalie say. "Well yeah...Harry and Niall...kind of made dinner plans for me and Caitlin tonight..." Grace says. "Oh well..want to hang out with us?" Marina asks.." you want to hang out at the tour bus?" I ask. "TOUR BUS!!" Olivia,Brianna,Ashley,and Marina scream.

Niall's P.O.V:

I look at my watch and tap Harry's shoulder, "We have to go.." I say. Harry nods and tells the rest of the boys where we are going.. I tap Caitlin's shoulder and when she turns around I give her a surprise kiss,"Aww." I hear a girl say..I look up and I look confused.."Umm sorry...I'm Marina." she shakes my hand and we walk away..I feel rude for doing that but I ignore that and me,Caitlin,Harry,and Grace go out to dinner. We ordered chicken,fries,water,and burgers. 
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