Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


20. Chapter 19

Zayn's P.O.V:
I wake up early in the morning...about 5:30-6:00 and pop my head into everyone's room to see if anyone else is up. I see Natalie and Grace up on their iPhones and Natalie looks up at me.. "Umm sorry I was just seeing if anyone was awake." I say in a whisper tone. "Want to go get some breakfast?"Natalie asks Grace and I. We agree and before we go we check to see if anyone else is up. Louis and Niall are also up. We ask them if they want to come with and they say okay and we walk to the closest diner. "So...why are you guys up so early?" I ask. "Why are you asking that if your up too?" Grace asks. "She has a point there,lad." Louis says. I mean she does..."I was just wondering."I say and my head turns to face the ground. "Okay...what are you guys going to order?"Niall asks," going to order two pancakes,French toast, and scrambled eggs...With milk." He says. "Were going to order French toast and some milk." Grace and Natalie say. "Well I'm going to order one pancake and an egg." I say."What about you Louis?" Natalie asks. "Cereal...but I'm going to have that with a FORK not a spoon." He says laughing. We finally arrive and we get seated to a table. "Are you guys ready to order?" The waiter asks. We nod and tell him the order. There isn't a lot of people here...which is a good thing..."The food is almost here." Niall said in excitement. " must really love food." Grace says.. "Oh he LOVESS food." I say. We laugh and we wait for the waiter to give our food to us. "Louis...what do you see in me?" Natalie asks,"A beautiful,caring,sweet,person which I am glad that your my girlfriend." He says smiling. She smiles,"Aw that's so sweet." The waiter hands our food to us. We eat and talk.

Sarah's P.O.V:

I wake up and it's already 6:30 I look around the room and see that Natalie and Grace ad gone! I get up and walk over to Caitlin and wake her up.."What?" She mumbles,"Wake up...Natalie and Grace are gone!" I say. She gets up and walks out to Niall's room immediately and sees that he's gone..."Where did they go?" She asks,"I'm not sure." I grab her hand and we walk to Zayn's room,"He's one too.." I say. She pats my back..."Don't worry...Niall left me too." I don't feel any better..."So...what did you get Niall?Todays your two week anniversary.." I ask. "Umm...i got him a VERY expensive watch that he really really wanted...the boys told me that he wanted it really badly. I also got him a card and chocolate.It is his favorite type of chocolate." She says.."Wow...I wonder what he got you!" I say. " too." She replies smiling.

Caitlin's P.O.V:

I hear the door open and I run to it. I see Natalie,Grace,then Zayn,Liam,Louis...then Niall. "NIALL!!!" I shout. I run to him and throw my arms around him. "Morning.Happy Anniversary,love." He says. I smile and kiss his cheek..."Happy Anniversary!" I say,"one minute." I run to my room and grab the gifts I got for Niall and walk back casually and I see him jump out at me and scare me! "Dude!" "Sorry...but here! Happy Anniversary." He says. I grab the gifts and I open it.. A card that reads,'Happy Anniversary,love. I hope you enjoy the fun time we will have today! I love you. Love,Niall.' I smile and hug him,"Aw thank you." I say. I also got a box of chocolates. I look up and see that he is gone....a second later Niall runs out and hands me flowers.I smell the flowers and read the mini card that says,'I love you.-Niall.' "I love you too,Niall." I say and hand him what I got him,chocolate,a watch and a card, He smiles. He opens the box which the watch is in. His mouth...from a a shape of and O."Oh my god,Caitlin! You got this for me?!" I nod and smile. He kisses me on the cheek... "I can't believe you got this for me! I love it." He says and opens the chocolate. "My favorite chocolate! Yum." I laugh and he reads the card, but it took me a minute to realize that everyone else was staring at us..."Uhhh..." I say.Niall looked confused but he turned around and saw everyone looking at us. "Hi!" Louis says. We all laugh. I hug Niall one more time.. "So where we're you guys?" Sarah asks. "We were at the diner." Zayn says. "Ohh...." I reply, "You guys were sleeping so we didn't want or wake you guys up" Louis said. "Well let's go back to sleep...we don't have much time here." Niall says and I go back to the couch with Niall following me. I crawl on the couch and Niall wraps his arms around me and we fall asleep.
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