Love At First Sight

5 Best Friends,Caitlin,Jess,Natalie,Grace,and Sarah,decide to go to a fair. They haven't exactly know the band called 'One Direction.' When they go on the ferris wheel, something happens....they meet the boys,not knowing it's them. Will the boys fall in love with them? Or will the girls fall in love with them?


14. Chapter 13

Caitlin's P.O.V:
"Tomorrow morning I have another interview and then at 5:00 I also have another interview. The interviewers said that me and Liam could being you and Jess since he only knew that us two had girlfriends. You want to come?"Niall asks. "Sure." I respond. I hold his hand and we walk back to the hotel. As soon as I thought everything was going well...a bunch of fans come up to us.  Niall and I start running. We finally make it into the hotel but the fans are still following us! I hit the elevator button. "Ughh hurry up!" We just decide to take the stairs and run up as fast as possible but some fans are behind us. "COME ON!" Niall yells,"Woah...calm down its not like we're going to die." I say..."Not yet." I sigh. I open the door and close it after Niall. "How long are they going to stay there for?" I ask while panting."A while. "Ugh.Now they know where you guys live." "It's fine...were not gonna be here that long anyways." "What?" "Umm the boys and I are going on tour next week...but the boys and I have a plan." "Which is?" "We wanted to invite you and the girls on our tour.Backstage passes,Front row seats,people might even ask for your autograph!" "Really?" He nods and I hug him."Thank you so much!" I say in excitement. The knocking on the door stops. "Finally!" I say,"they stopped." "Come on let's get some sleep." Niall says. I go into the guest room and fall asleep. 

Liam's P.O.V:

"I had really fun tonight." I say. "Me too." Jess says and kisses me on the cheek." I put my arm around her and bring her to the limo and wait or Natalie and Louis. I finally see them walk out and open the door for them. "Thanks." Natalie says. "I had a really fun time." Natalie says. "Yeah me too." Louis replies. "Look...we're going on tour next week." I say. I look at Jess and she's already tearing up..."Don't cry,love." I say wiping her tears."We can bring you with us." Louis says."Really?"Natalie asks,"Yeah" "I would love  that!" Jess and Natalie say. Me and Louis smile and step out of the limo and go into our room. "I'm going to sleep." I say heading off to my room,"Same here." Louis and Natalie agree and so does Jess."Night."

Harry's P.O.V:

"The movie was great...I really liked it." I say. "Yeah me too." Kristen says. "I had fun" Grace says.  We agree and drop Kristen off at her house and I tell Grace about the tour next week."We can bring you guys." I say."Great!" We get out of the limo and get inside. "Night...I'm going to sleep." I say.
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