A Mothers Nightmare Chapter 2

About a young mother that had six children. That people told lies about her and broke up a happy family. They still are not over it. Lies are really bad.


1. A Mothers Nightmare

The lady who lived downstairs asked what was the matter. When she was told, she said she would call police. She did. But a strange thing happened. The police came so fast. It seemed funny. A statement was made by the gransmother about it. The police was not pleased at all.


The police took the mother and grandmother to Police station to question them. But before they left  the house, the Police would not let the mother or grandmother get any clothes for the children. They were not allowed to get the keys to the house, or lock up. or get their purse.


When they were at the Police station. They questioned the two older children without the mother or grandmother. When they finally got back. Alot of things had been stolen.  The police took fingerprints but never did anything. The bedroom window had been broken into. They said it was not.


Social services took the kids. All of them. At first they was allowed to see the children. Only when social services wanted them to. Which was not very often. When they would ask to see the children they were told the kids was in school or the forster parents had taken them on a trip. Always excuses.


Then they stopped them from seeing the children at all.  Mother and grandmother got sick. Wondering  how the kids was ? What they were doing? If they was okay?


When it finally went to court. The mother got accused of "Murder". A mother who cries when she sees a sad movie or animal hurt. That sat and cried for hours on end . When the baby was alive and hurt so much.


The baby was sick from the beginning.  But no one believed the mother. Said she did not know  what she was talking about. But that child when she was picked up, was in pain. The mother would rub her legs and cry. Ask her mother  "what can I do for her".




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