Text pictures to use and have fun with

This is more of a picture book. You can use the pictures in this book in text message. They're really cool!! please like it as I spent a week completing it.



This new theme is musical. There are 15 pictures, a lot less than last time. These pictures are really cool and are fun to create.I enjoy listening to music so I thought that this theme would be good. this chapter includes:

1.  Boombox

2. Clarinet - I usedto play that, got to grade 2.

3. Drum kit - play this, I am on grade three.

4.Electric guitar

5. Acoustic guitar

6. Metal guitar

7. Musical notes

8. Oboe

9. Piano - I also play this, i am on grade 5

10. Piano from adifferent view

11. Saxophone

12. Trumpet

13. A different trumpet

14. Tuba

15. Turn table

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