Text pictures to use and have fun with

This is more of a picture book. You can use the pictures in this book in text message. They're really cool!! please like it as I spent a week completing it.



Ok I am making this movella 2 days before halloween so I thought I would be very on season if I gave you a few fun halloween text pictures to have fun sending to your friends.

The halloween chapter includes text pictures of:

1. a bats and a moon                             16.  a haunted grave                       31. a larger skull

2. a black cat                                         17. a jack - O lantern                     32. skull and cross bones

3. a spider                                             18. a bigger jack-o-lantern               33. skull in top hat

5 .a demon skull                                    19. a differnt jack-o-lantern              34. smiley skull

4. "BOO"                                              20. a tiny spider                               35. vampire

6. a friendly ghost                                  21. an owl                                        36. witch

7. a ghost                                             22. a pumpkin                                   37. another witch

8. a bigger ghost                                   23. a smaller pumpkin                        38. a different witch

9. a different type of ghost                     24. a different pumkin                       39. witches

10. another type of ghost                       25. something scary                          40. a zombie

11. a grave                                            26. a scary bat                                 That's it so have fun and

12. a grave ghost                                  27. a skeleton                                    read on to do these pics!!

13. a gravestone                                   28. a skull

14. the grim reaper                                29. a different skull

15. "happy halloween"                          30. another skull



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