Battlefield Stories...Damavand

A short story based within the intense battle for the infamous Damavand Peak of Iran


2. Chapter Two

We arrived in Iran by helicopter in the inky dark of night. But it was the bright sunlight of the early morning that shone down on us as we reached the mission jump off point. Today I would be the recon guy for my squad. It would be my job to carry out over-watch operations at the objectives, and to spot and eliminate enemy targets. A 44. Magnum sat on my hip and with the powerful M417 rifle resting easy in my hands I was ready to go. The sound of small arms gunfire drifted up towards me as I started to make my way down the hillside. The rocky terrain and the steep descent made the run hard, and I hugged the rising shoulder of the mountain range to my left, dashing from one piece of cover to behind the next, trying to stay out of the enemy gunners sights. A clear and cloudless sky meant that I could easily see the enemy positions. There were a few concrete buildings, one or two wooden structures, and an imposing communications tower with a large radar dome dominating the landscape. I heard a faint and distant pulse forcing me to look into the heavens, and I saw that the enemy had a scout helicopter in the air, a Chinese built Z11. If we didn’t act smart, that chopper would tear us to pieces. I continued down the left side of the hillside, advancing closer and closer to the first set of objectives. Objective Alpha was placed towards the left side of the enemy compound, on the outside of a large, single-story concrete building. Objective Bravo was to the middle right of the compound, within a single story wooded construction which was flanked by two, two story buildings, and directly underneath the giant communications tower. The enemy had good firing points covering objective Bravo. ‘Charges set!!!’ came shouting through my communications headset, and I rushed into a position over-looking objective Bravo. I could hear the Z11 ripping loose with its heavy machine gun as it flew over the compound, through my line of sight and out over the mountain peaks. A friendly Humvee was in the compound, the heavy machine gun hammering away at enemy positions, smoke rising from the swivelling barrel as the gunner tried to find more targets to supress. As I looked through my ACOG 4X scope on the M417, an enemy solider dashed across the compound, sprinting from the fence surrounding the communications tower, and heading directly towards the time delay-charges that had been set at objective Bravo. As I centred him in my sights, the Z11 staggered back across the sky, engine screaming, fire and smoke pouring from the fuselage. I looked back down the scope and then took a long, deep breath and squeezed the trigger. My rifle erupted into life and angrily barked three times. The enemy soldier went down in the doorway of the building where objective Bravo was just seconds before the charge went off. The charges at objective Alpha had also been set as I raised my sights and scanned the communications tower for enemy troops. The tell-tale glint of the sun hitting a high-powered rifle scope caught my eye. I zeroed in on the target and squeezed the trigger twice. The enemy recon soldier was killed just as the second charge exploded. We had secured the base.

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