Battlefield Stories...Damavand

A short story based within the intense battle for the infamous Damavand Peak of Iran


1. Chapter One

I walked briskly down the brightly lit corridor, glancing down at my watch as I strode. I was right on time as I knocked on the door twice and made my way in. I took off my cap, and made a nod of acknowledgement as I met the eyes of the commanding officer and took my seat. When all the guys were there, the C.O cleared his throat and began to speak.

A new mission. Potentially, the most dangerous yet. We would be operating in the Middle East, in Iran. I stood and watched the screen in the ops room intently. There were 16 of us in the briefing, all experienced guys. Our objectives would be in very hostile territory, Damavand Peak to be exact. Iran’s highest mountain range, Damavand holds a highly significant place in Persian mythology. It is the symbol of Iranian resistance against despotism and foreign rule in Persian poetry and literature. Damavand is also an active volcano. Great.  This mission would be no cake walk.

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