Chapter 33: Meeting My Worst Nightmare

This chapter is about Yanelis(Me) meeting Louis's mother and her not approving of our marriage. On the other hand there is a new character coming into the story and look at what she does to Yanelis and Louis's relationship.


1. Chapter 33: Meeting My Worst Nightmare

(Sorry i couldnt wait) All of us had traveled across the world justto go meet his mom. Louis parents had gotten divorced when he was 9 years old so I didn't ask him about his father. Downstairs, Louis and I shared a passionate kiss and we didn't notice his mom watching us from above. Louis grabbed my butt and I grabbed his. His smile was big.
He said, "I can't wait until you meet her. I want her to approve you and our marriage. Then we mov on to meet your parents."
I replied, "I wait either. your mine and no one else can take that away from us." Then we kissed with tongue.
When we got upstairs there was an apartment os 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 1 kitchen,and 1 living room. We all came in talking then the room became quiet. It was nice for a small space.
Louis said, "Mom?" holding my hand, "I have to introduce you to some friends and give you news." Then, his mom stood up and behind her was My Worst Nightmare. It was his girlfriend, Holly.
Louis said, "Mom why is she here?"
"Aren't you going to introduce me to the... Girl you are holding hands with?" she replied. One Dream and One Direction stepped back. Only Louis and I were standing. so I stepped forward and said,
"Hi my name is Yanelis Cruceta and I'm your son's girlfriend." I took out my hand to shake hers but my hand was in the air.
I put my hand down awkwardly. Holly stepped forward. She said, "Hi i'm Holly." She shook my hand. I said,
"Wait, why not?" She got closer to me and said, "You stole my boyfriend," pushing me to the ground. I fell really hard on to a knife on the floor. I was crying because the knife was almost halfway into my skin. I took it out and my bloodwas on there. I wanted to get up and punch her but I couldn't. My respect would go away from Ms, Tomlinson. I wanted to be Louis's wife then I had to respect his mom and starting a fight in a front of her wasn't a very good idea. Louis's crystal blue eyes peered onto my eyes. My eyes dripped with tears.
Louis barely screamed to Holly,
"Why did you do that!" She screamed,
"Because I was dating you until you kissed her and broke up with me!" Louis screamed,
"Well now I won't go out with you!" She almost cried but she kept her strength leaving the apartment. His mom said,
"Louis why did you do that?"
"Why did you bring her here?"
"Because I wanted you to marry her!" she said. I stepped back and she said,
"Yeah that's right I don't want you to be my sons girlfriend so you can just go." I looked at Louis. Louis said,
"No! You're going to stay!" She screamed,
"WHY!" He said, "Because I love her and I proposed to her!" She stayed quiet. She came near me and pushing me out the door. I got my suit case and walked out crying. I stopped when I got a text from Louis.
It said: I'm so sorry baby. Oh my god. I'll be out there in like 5 minutes wait ok? So I sent a text saying: Okay ;'(. I sat on the floor next to the wall. Louis came out jogging the next 5 minutes. He picked me up and kissed me over and over. I kissed him too. He stopped kissing me and started crying. It was the first time I saw Louis crying. I petted his face and said,
"Baby don't cry." So he just looked at me. We sat on the floor and I held his hand. I rubbed his hand. I looked straight into his eyes and said,
"Baby ... look at me and tell me the truth." He looked at me as I wiped his tears. I asked,
"Do you love me with all your heart?"
"Of course I do baby," he said telling me the truth. I kissed him gently. He smiled and kissed me again.
"You know exactly what to say," he said. I said,
"Only because i'm with you. You are perfect and I mean that." We were smiling at each other for about 30 seconds. I said,
"I'm really sorry I have to do this but I'll text you my location and maybe later we can be naughty because it's been a long time since we... You know." He smiled saying,
"Okay I get it," Hardly laughing. I got up and so did he. We kissed for about a minute. I said,
"Bye." He waved saying
"Bye." I went into a cab and went to the hotel "Your Choice"
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