The 5 boys.Who shall I choose?

I met 1D at a concert once.They are now back and they want more than just friendship,but who shall I choose,as they all want to be mine...


2. Zayn

After yesterdays steamy afternoon I am dazed as I walk through Covent Garden.I then bump into a guy.When I look up I see honey coloured skin,a cute black quiff and a cheeky grin.Its Zayn!!I say to him "Hiya Zayn,what a coincidence,I bumped into Liam yesterday as well."A mask of horror crosses his face,and it is so comical that I find myself laughing."God Zaynie,whats with the horror-stricken expression?"I ask him, flirting a little just to tease him."Nothing is wrong,I just realised that...that it mum's birthday tomorrow and I have not got her a present."He says carefully."Oh few,I thought it was something serious,like Liam,Harry,Louis or Niall had died or something!!"I laughed.All of a sudden he leans over and kisses me,for at least a minute.I am dumbfounded.Next Harry is going to appear and start flirting.....

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