The 5 boys.Who shall I choose?

I met 1D at a concert once.They are now back and they want more than just friendship,but who shall I choose,as they all want to be mine...


3. Niall

Niall's POV.

So this morning I got a text from Zayn saying that he has managed to win over Laura.I was sad then,as I wanted to make Laura mine.Then later on that day I got a text from Liam saying to that he has got Laura twirled around his little finger.I am now confused.I decide that I have got to get to Laura before the rest of them get to her.So I walk out through my front door and as if by magic,she is waiting for the bus over the road.I shout her name.She turns around,a shocked expression on her face.She then begins to laugh,I look at her perfect features,she looks so happy.I walk over the road and I begin to flirt...

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