The 5 boys.Who shall I choose?

I met 1D at a concert once.They are now back and they want more than just friendship,but who shall I choose,as they all want to be mine...


5. Louis

Laura's POV:

I go back to Harry's and Louis' flat the next day..I knock on the door but Louis opens it..."Hey Louis!" I say to him."Hey, you must be the famous Laura..." He says to me..."Yes, that's me..." I answer with a smile. "By the way, you don't have to worry as I am dating someone and you won't have to choose between 5 boys..." He says with a grin. "OMIGOD thanks Louis, I am finding it hard enough to choose between 4, let alone 5!!" I say. Then he asks me the question that I have dreaded hearing..."which one are you going to choose?" He says. "Well, I would probable say...Harry as I can laugh around with him more than I can the others..." Then Harry walks out of the kitchen. "Harry?" Me and Louis say in surprise. "Yes, it is I" He says laughing. But then his face goes serious." But seriously, you meant that?" He says. "Yes, I did." I say. "I will just leave you two alone!" says Louis and he walks out the door. "oh and Harry, my parents are throwing a new year party tonight for all of their friends..and they do not want me there as last year, I got drunk and they were really can I stay at yours tonight please?" I ask..."Yes of course babe!" He says.."Oh and it would be amazing if we slept on the sofa tonight, so that we could look out of my wall-covering window and watch all of the fireworks!"He adds "Yes yes yes!!" I squeal in delight! I look at the time on my phone. 11:55 pm. "Oh God Harry, we better get prepared and fast!!" Harry sprints into his bedroom, grabs two pillows and a golden fluffy blanket...We wrap ourselves in the blanket and snuggle up on the sofa just as the fireworks begin...As I continue into this blissful slice of heaven

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