The 5 boys.Who shall I choose?

I met 1D at a concert once.They are now back and they want more than just friendship,but who shall I choose,as they all want to be mine...


1. Liam

Laura's POV

So I am just walking around Basildon when I see Liam walking towards me.He is grinning.He stops.His lips are about 2 inches away from mine.He closes his eyes and leans forward.I feel his lips touch mine.I just move with him,enjoying the moment although I am shocked.When I pull away I can picture my face,a mask of shock.He laughs and says "I want to be more than just friends Laura.I want to have those kisses often,I want to be your boyfriend..."I am even more shocked and confused now.Many girls would give their life to get their lips locking with Liam.I say to Liam,"Yes,of course,wanna come back to my place?"He pulls this cute crocked grin and laughs."I would love to!!"Then he puts me on his back in a piggy ride and he takes me home.

Liam's POV

I have finally tracked down Laura.I saw her Basildon.I wandered over to her and snogged her in broad daylight.Then I asked her out.She,of course,said yes.Ha,I beat the other boys to it!!I can't wait to see Zayn's face!!!Now I am giving Laura a piggy-back to her house.Godness knows what is going to happen in there while we are alone!!!!!!!!

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