Scary poem anthology

this is an entry for the spooky story competition. In it are an anthology of poems my friend Will and I wrote together, enjoy.


2. poem #2

The hellish flames leap and tumble,

By the stairs descending onto an oven,

The residence of eternal damnation,

Evils home.

The punished deceased decends,

his lungs filled with ash,

His mind filled with fear,

this saint sent from god decends,

Ha Ha!

Temptations awake from slumber,

ten commandments, now ten sins,

love for evil is now created,

thy saint so happy with glee!

His home not saint, no Satan,

A title of a true king,

His wrath coils around the damned,

Suffering from lifes pleasures,

Enjoying lifes evils!

The hell of eternal damnation,

Satans home.

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