Scary poem anthology

this is an entry for the spooky story competition. In it are an anthology of poems my friend Will and I wrote together, enjoy.


1. poem #1

And he walks to me,

Eye sockets bulging with rage,

Haunting ghostly pits of fire,

Staring into my soul,

He is reality,

He is my fate.

He wishes evil,

Luscious desire to my gruesome death,

A letter waiting to be sent,

Sealed with the kiss of death,

He walks to me,

He is my reality,

He is my fate.

He touches me,

His cold, bony, deformed hands,

Grope me, his smile cutting into me,

Like his knife against my face,

That i only sense subconsiously,

For fear is invading and conquering me,

Like a demented army,

Marching into my soul,

Breaking seige into the corners of my mind,

He is my doomed reality,

He is my fate.

Monsters pov.

I am happy now,

As i cut him,

My memories flow like the blood from his face,

My joy bubbling,

Like water in a fiery cauldron,

I laugh,

I am happy for the first time,

For i am am his reality,

For i am his fate.

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