The summer ill never forget

Jenny was live in a small town in North Dakota and has two best friends there names are Sophie coudary and zayn Malik yah you heard zayn and her parents are divorced and what happens when she goes to visit her mom in egland? When she meets one direction will she fall for the wrong guy or will the wrong guy fall for her?.....


2. The surprise

chapter 2

"Why did you guys attack me?" I said "we thought would be funny cause you didn't see it coming" niall said "well it wasn't funny" I said "well get over it" Louis said "so what are we going to do?" harry said "wait a second I had to tell you guys something before you attack me" I said "so what was it" Liam said "I am sleeping over here" I said. "yay you get to stay over" harry said "why are you so happy about me staying over?" I said "no spacific reason" harry said "he either likes you or is going to prank you in your sleep" zayn whispered in my ear "ok I will find out wich one it is don't worry" I whispered back "ok I won't but keep your eyes out for pranks" zayn whispered "ok I will" I whispered. "so now what" harry said "we could play would you rather?" I said [we all said sure then gathered in a circle] "so zayn you know what ask harry so you go first" I whispered in his ear "ok" zayn whispered back "zayn you go first" I said "ok harry would you rather date jenny or selena?" zayn said "i'd rather not say" harry said "why" Louis said "I just don't wanna say" harry said as he ran upstairs to his room.

"what is his problem" niall said "nothin......." I said "I will see whats up with harold" louis said [then louis ran upstairs and knocked on harry's door] "harry can I come in" louis said "sure I guess" harry said [louis walks into harry's room]. "what happened out there" louis said "well........." harry said "well what harold" louis said "ok I will tell u, the only thing I have to say about it is that I like her" harry said "ohh you like her........." louis said " yes I like her but you can't tell anyone about it" harry said "ok I won't" louis said [then louis ran down stairs]. "so what happened?" liam said "well umm harry likes jenny that's it" louis said [I start to blush] [then harry enters the room] "why did u tell everyone louis" harry said as he started to blush and sat on the top of the stairs. "wait harry" I said as I ran to the top of the steps and sat next to him "harry why are you so embaressed?" I said "because I didn't want you to know just yet" harry said "I know how you feel" I said.........

"how could you possibly know how I feel" harry said "well I like this guy and he probilly doesn't like me back" I said "so what is this guys name" harry said "can I trust you?" I said "yes you can trust me I won't tell a sole" harry said "ok I will tell you his name is liam" I said "you like liam that's not a suprize" harry said "ok enough with the comments please don't tell anyone" I said "ok and I won't tell anyone" harry said "thanks that means a lot to me harry" I said "your welcome jenny" harry said "ok so are you ok now that I have told you that?" I said "yah I'm fine now" harry said "ok I have a plan......" I said

"what kind of plan?" harry said "a plan of revenge" I said "revenge on......" harry said but I interupted him "wait before that I ment to tell u and the boys about my friend sophie" I said "oh that a pretty name so how old is she?" harry said "shes 17 like me" I said "oh that's cool and now back 2 the plan" harry said as someone knock on the door. "I'll get it harry" I said as I opened the door "hey jenny" sophie said "hey sophie what are you doing here" I said "I'm here because I heard you were staying with your mom and I wanted to stay with you this summer so when I got here I went to your mom's house and asked her wear you were and she said you were next door" sophie said "oh yah I am staying here tonight" I said "with who" sophie said "with one direction" I said [then sophie fainted]

"what happened?" zayn said "she fainted" I said "ok so we should take her up to a room" zayn said "ok liam get her legs and harry get her head" louis said "fine" liam and harry said [then they carried her up to liams room] "what happenned......" sophie said "you fainted babe" liam said "ok so were are the others" sophie said "they are downstairs" liam said "ok so lets go downstairs then" sophie said "ok" laim said as they headed downstairs "hey guys shes awake" laim said "ok hey sophie" harry said "hey harry" [then they hugged and harry kissed sophie on the cheek] "oh harry your such a flirt" I said.

"I think you should know that harry is the flirt of the band" zayn said "ok so sophie you need to tell the boys more about yourself" I said "ok I will jenny so 1st I am 17 years old and I am from new jersey" sophie said "ok that's cool you're the same age as my crush jenny" zayn said "what????" sophie said "wait why did I just say that?" zayn said as he ran upstairs to his room "wait what??" I said "he basically said he likes you" louis said "oh........." I said as I ran ran upstairs to my room "I will go check on zayn and you go check on jenny" liam said to niall then the both walked upstairs
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