The summer ill never forget

Jenny was live in a small town in North Dakota and has two best friends there names are Sophie coudary and zayn Malik yah you heard zayn and her parents are divorced and what happens when she goes to visit her mom in egland? When she meets one direction will she fall for the wrong guy or will the wrong guy fall for her?.....


3. The kiss

Chapter 3

"ok so tell me the story" sophie said "ok I wanted u to help me and harry get revenge on the other boys" I said "why" sophie said "I will tell u the story about that now so when I first met the boys zayn told me to watch out for the pranks the boys pull but when my mom came over to get me so I could eat supper I forgot about what zayn warned me about so when I got done eating I came back over and when I opened the door louis shouted attack and all the boys attacked me and that's why I want revenge on the boys" I said "ok that makes sence so whats the plan............" sophie said

"we haven't figured that out yet" I said "ok but lets write the plan in this notebook ok?" sophie said as she handed me a notebook "ok so we will meet in harry's room next week with some ideas for the prank ok" I said "so we are going to right ideas for the prank in our own notebooks and hide them in a box or something" sophie said "yes that right sophie and no one can tell anyone of the other boys about the plan ok?" I said "ok" harry and sophie said "so now can I go back down stairs?" sophie said "yes" I said "ok thanks" sophie said as she walked back down stairs "I hope this prank doesn't back fire" I said "I hope it doesn't back fire either jenny" harry said as he leaned in trying to kiss me and intead of backing away from the kiss I kissed him back.

I was still in shock so all I could say was wow and then I ran downstairs to see if sofie had seen anything but all I saw when I got down stairs was shocked looks on everyones faces then I knew that sophie had seen what happened and told all of the other boys then I yelled SOFIE!!!! Then she said what what do you want then I said come upstairs to harry's room with me now then she said ok as I dragged her upstairs. When we got to harry's room I push her on to the bed and she said now why did u drag me up here for then I said because you told all of the boys what happened with me and harry then she said that why u dragged me up here because I told the other boys that you and harry kissed then I said yes that's why then she said so why did you kiss him then I said I kissed him because I knew he liked me and I thought by kissing him that he would get over me then she said sur that's why..................

"ok thats not why i like harry but i like liam more i said "yah i knew it" sophie said "ok but don't tell anyone please" i said " ok i wont" sophie said as she ran downstairs "ok" i said as i walked downstairs then all i saw is sophie whispering things in liams and harrys ears "HOW COULD YOU SOPHIE" isaid then i ran upstair to harrys room "what her deal" louis said "i will go check on her" liam said as he ran upstairs to harrys room "may i come in"liam said "sure" i said as liam walked in the room "whats wrong"liam said "sophie told you that i liked you" isaid "yah she told me its fine" liam said "NO ITS NOT" i said as i ran to nialls room and locked the door.

when i ran to nialls room and locked the door liam went back down stairs "so whats wrong with her" zayn said "i need to talk to sophie now" liam said "what do u need" sophie said "come here" liam said "so what" sophie said "you hurt jennys feelings" liam said "how id i do that" sophie said "you should know" liam said "so you hurt my little jennys feelings i am going to check on her"harry said "ok" liam siad [harry knocks on nialls door] "who is it" i said "its harry" harry said "you can come in if if u want" i said "ok i am coming in" harry said as he walked in nialls room "what wrong..............."
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