The summer ill never forget

Jenny was live in a small town in North Dakota and has two best friends there names are Sophie coudary and zayn Malik yah you heard zayn and her parents are divorced and what happens when she goes to visit her mom in egland? When she meets one direction will she fall for the wrong guy or will the wrong guy fall for her?.....


1. Meeting them

chapter 1

Hey my name is Jennifer but my friends call me jenny and speaking of my friends there the best their names are zayn and Sophie. Wait how I know pop sensation zayn Malik well I actually haven't seen him in years but we were friends when we were little. But its summer and I am going to spend the summer in London with my mom. But wait I should tell you my mom and dad got divorced when I was seven and I haven't seen my mom in 10 years. Yeah that's right I'm 17 years old and as you can tell my life has been a roller-coaster ever since I was born. So I am on a plane and let me tell you I am tired and I wish I could sleep but this little boy about half my age is screaming and kicking my seat. Yes!! It's finally over now there's the cab. TAXI!!!! Ok I am solo nervous but I guess I should since I haven't seen my mom in 10 years. "Were hear" the cab driver said. My mom was waiting right outside the house "hi mom I missed you" I said. "I missed you too" she said to me.

"Well I guess I will show you were you will be sleeping this summer" my mom said. [We walked in my room] "Mom it looks amazing thanks" I said. "You're welcome you should probably unpack and after that come down stairs to the kitchen" mom said "why" I said. "I will tell you why when you come down stairs" mom said "ok mom I will come down stairs when I am done unpacking" I said "ok" mom said. "Mom I am coming down stairs now" I said "ok" mom said "so what did you want mom" I said "well......" mom said "well what mom?" I said. "Ok do you know one direction?" mom said "yah I know one direction" I said "so the five boys in one direction are living next door to us" mom said "mg I can't wait to see zayn again I missed him soooo much" I said. "How do you... ooh you guys were best friends when you were little" mom said "yah I thought you knew but I have missed him soo much I am going over to see him ok?" I said "sure that's fine" mom said "thanks bye" I said.

"I am soooo nervous" I said [then I knocked on the door] "ello love" said a tallish light brown haired boy [just as he hugged me] "hey may I please speak to zayn" I said "sure love" the same boy said [zayn walks in] "hey zayn" I said "is it really it is jenny hey!!" zayn said. "I missed you sooo much zayn" I said "I missed u too" zayn said "aren't you going to introduce me to your friends" I said "sure, this is Louis "ello love "Louis said hugging me again "hey Louis" I said "this is niall" zayn said "hey" naill said and hugged me. "Hey niall" I said "this is harry" zayn said "hey love" harry said in a deep voice then he hugged me "hey harry" I said "last but not least this is Liam" zayn said "hey babe" lain said pulling me into a hug. "hey Liam" I said "ok so what now" harry said "do you want to play would you rather jenny?" zayn said "sure zayn" I said [then we gathered in a circle] "before we start the game I should warn you to watch out for pranks that the boys pull" zayn said "why did you have to spoil the surprise" Louis said. "Ok zayn I will be sure to watch out" I said "so can we start the game now?" harry said "sure we can start" zayn said.

"Harry would you rather be able to fly or be able to live forever?" I said "ummm be able to live forever" harry said "ok harry it's your turn" zayn said "ok zayn would you rather date jaylo or jenny?" harry said "good one Harold" Louis said "haha very funny" I said. "ummmm skip" zayn said "why "Liam said "because there both sooo beautiful I couldn't chose one" zayn said "awwwwwe thanks" I said "zayn it's your turn" niall said "ok niall would you rather eat no junk food for a week or eat a grasshopper?" zayn said "eat a grasshopper" niall said "really?" I said "yes really" niall said "niall now it's your turn" Louis said. "ok Liam would you rather eat cereal with your hands or with a spoon?" niall said "eat it with my hands" Liam said "oookkk..... now it's your turn Liam" I said "ok Louis would you rather never wear stripes again or break your arm?" Liam said "break my arm" Louis said. "ok Louis it your turn" harry said "ok jenny would you rather not be zayns friend ever again or hate all animals?" Louis said "there is no question about it I would rather hate all animals" I said "awwwwe I would say the same thing" zayn said "let's play a different game" Louis said [we all said ok].

"so what game should we play then Louis?" Liam said "well....."Louis said but then the doorbell rang. "Jenifer its time for dinner you can go back over when your done eating" mom said "sorry guys I have to go see you in a few" I said [they all said bye then hugged me] "I am coming mom" I said [I left their house] "hey how were the boys?" mom said "they were sooo sweet" I said "ok what did you do over there" mom said "we played would you rather? and that's about it" I said "ok neet we are eating chiken tonight" mom said "that's my favorite" I said "I know" mom said [we walk into the house] "take a seat jenifer" mom said "ok mom" I said [eating my food] "you were hungry" mom said. "ok I am done mom can I go now and can I stay with the boys tonight?" I said "sure you can stay but be back home by 2:30 pm tomorrow ok?" mom said "I will I promise and thanks mom" I said "your welcome" mom said "bye mom see you tomorrow" I said "bye see you tomorrow" mom said [as I left the house].

"They are soooo sweet" I said to myself [then knocked on there door and niall answers it] "hey niall guess what" I said "ATTTTACK!!!!!" Louis said "oh no" I said as they grabed my arms and legs [I scream] "tickle her guys" Louis said "ZAYN HELP!!!!" I said laughing my butt off "I'M COMING" zayn said [zayn rushes in] "what are you doing guys" zayn said "we're tickling her what does it look like" Louis said "I know that" zayn said "LIAM AND NIALL GET ZAYN!!" Louis said "ok" Liam and niall said. "NOOOOOO!!!" zayn said as Liam and niall atacked him "guys stop it" I said "shes had enough you can stop now harry" Louis said "ok Louis" harry said "thank god you finaly stopped" I said "niall stop it" zayn said "hes had enough niall and Liam you can stop now" Louis said as Liam and niall stopped tickling zayn "thank you lord its finaly over"r zayn said "your telling me" I said.
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