The summer ill never forget

Jenny was live in a small town in North Dakota and has two best friends there names are Sophie coudary and zayn Malik yah you heard zayn and her parents are divorced and what happens when she goes to visit her mom in egland? When she meets one direction will she fall for the wrong guy or will the wrong guy fall for her?.....


4. Asking sophie

chapter 4

"sophie hurt my feelings" i said as the tears ran down my face "dont cry love" harry said as he held me "i cant believe that sophie told u and liam" i said "i know she told us but calm down harry said "ok but can i tell u who sophie likes?" i said "yah" harry said "she likes louis" i said "wow she likes louis" harry said "yah she does" i said "why......" harry said."i really dont know why" i said "ok love and btw zayn like her he told me this mornig" harry said "ok so lets keep this a secret ok?" i said "ok so now lets go downstairs" harry said "fine" [we walked downstairs] "shes fine now" harry said "thats good" louis said "sophie can i speak to you" i said "so what now" sophie said " why did you tell liam and harry when you said you wouldnt" i said "cause i thought they deserved to know" sophie said
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