Best Friends Again

Sophie is Liam's best friend. They do everything together. She has always liked him, but is scared he doesn't feel the same way. When Liam leaves her to try out for X Factor, he gets a girlfriend and forgets about her. But she never forgets. She becomes best friends with Lexi, a girl who moved to Wolverhampton a couple months after Liam leaves. When the two girls go to a concert and get backstage passes, will Liam recognize her? And does someone start to fancy Lexi?


1. X Factor

Sophie's P.O.V.

"Li Li, wake up! We have school today," I said to my best friend Liam. 

"But Sophieeeeee, I don't want to go to school. Ryan and Sam will be mean to me," he groaned. Liam was always bullied at school, and so was I, being his friend. But ever since the day I met him, I loved him. He was perfect. His smile-priceless. He was so caring, and kind, and helped me through anything. But I was almost sure he didn't love me back.

"Come on Liam, please, for me?" I asked. Liam groaned and got off the bed. Even though we were 16, he was at my house half the time, he even had his own room at my house! The other half of the time I was at his house across the street. I walked into the kitchen to make breakfast, but somehow Liam was already there. 

"Aww Li, you're so sweet!" I said. 

"Anything for my best friend," he said, putting my waffles on a plate. I started eating. They were so good, as usual. 

"Yummy! Thanks Liam!" I said in between bites. 

"Thanks, but we need to go to school, we have to walk, your parents left for work earlier," he said. 

"Okay, leggo," I said We got up and walked to school. The rest of the day was a blur. The week continued like that, until Friday. I went to the gym with Liam, he was going to box. He started boxing when he was 12 to defend himself and me from anyone who would try to physically bully us. He ran up to the punching bag, took his shirt off, and started punching. His six-pack didn't hurt my love for him, of course. I sat and watched him. He practiced for about an hour before he took a break.

"Here, Li, some water." I gave him my water. 

"Thanks, Soph," he said, taking the water. 

"Sophie, I have something to tell you. I am trying out again. For X Factor." he told me. I was shocked. 

"Oh, um, great!" I said, holding back tears. He was leaving me for X Factor? 

"The audition's tomorrow, and before I leave, I wanted to do this," he looked into my eyes. All the sudden, I felt soft, tender lips on mine. Liam. Payne. was. kissing. me. I felt fireworks exploding. Then nuclear bombs! He pulled away.
"I'm so sorry, I had to do that before I left..." he trailed off.

"Thanks Liam, I always hoped you would do that," I said.

"Me too, I will always remember you," he kissed me again, and we walked home together, smiling the whole way. 

*****one year later*****

I was watching TV, and then an interview came on with the new boy band One Direction. I loved them, because of Liam. 

"So, who encouraged you to try out for X Factor? Who were your friends at home?" the interviewer asked. Liam spoke first.

"It was basically my family. I didn't really have any friends," he said. My eyes were pricked with tears. What happened to our friendship since we were two months old? And the kiss?! Did that mean  nothing?! The other boys went through their stories, and then the interviewer asked,

"So, does anyone have a girlfriend?" 

"I met this girl, she's a dancer, Danielle is her name," Liam said. No. NO! I ran into my room, sobbing. This was the end of my world. 

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