Best Friends Again

Sophie is Liam's best friend. They do everything together. She has always liked him, but is scared he doesn't feel the same way. When Liam leaves her to try out for X Factor, he gets a girlfriend and forgets about her. But she never forgets. She becomes best friends with Lexi, a girl who moved to Wolverhampton a couple months after Liam leaves. When the two girls go to a concert and get backstage passes, will Liam recognize her? And does someone start to fancy Lexi?


4. So before after and during the concert....




Lexi's POV

Tomorrow came and it was time for the concert. I finished off my makeup then looked in the mirror. I wore my ripped skinny jeans with a bright pink tank and a cute leather jacket. Around my neck I wore a camera necklace and on my feet my ripped up a written on pink converse. I had straightened my hair and pushed it back with a simple black headband. Satisfied I grabbed my keys and my phone. I texted Soph telling her I was on my way. On the drive over I listened as Begin Again by Taylor Swift came on the radio. I pulled up and waited as she came out. She wore black skinnys and a bright Blur floral top. She wore black stars in her ears and a matching necklace and bracket. Her hair lay in curls around her face falling down her back.

"Ready," I asked her.

"Yeah," she answered.

(Skip all the way to beginning of concert)

I might not have really liked one direction but I was still excited. I jumped up and down and screamed. I looked over to my side to see Soph standing there who wasn't freaking out. I think it finally hit her that she was going to be seeing Liam. And my heart broke for her. Would he remember her?

I watched as the came on stage and Niall walked over. I winked at him.

"Is that..." He asked Liam.

Or at least that's who I Geuss he was talking to as he Liam pulled her out of her seat on to stage to kiss her.  Ya Liam defiantly remembered her.

They broke apart slowly.

"You remember me," I heard her say since her voice was being picked up by the microphones.

"Of course Soph," Liam answered a smile clearly on his face.

"What about Danielle?" She asked him.

They acted as if no one was there.

"She just broke up with me..." He answered the sadness clear in his voice.

"Oh..." She whispered.

"Well we kind of need to start the concert. And I'd hate to break up this moment but..." Louis said.

"Oh haha, I'm sorry..." She giggled as she slid off stage next to me.

"And to think I thought he was an ass," I whispered.

"Yeah," she said.

I didn't really like there music just wasn't my kind. But as they started to sing Little things my heart broke. Tears started to fall down my cheeks as I listened. It was beautiful.

I looked over at Soph I see her too crying.

(Skip to after concert)

I walked with Soph to the meet and greet area. We showed our passes then walked right in. I stood against the wall as she stood in line to meet them. As we waited I went to sit on the ground and plugged in my head phones as I rocked out to Ed Sheeran.

"Hello love, why aren't you in line with the rest of the girls," an Irish voice asked.

I turned around and my eyes meet with two blue ones.

"Maybe I was just waiting for a sweet guy to help me up," I smiled at him.

"We'll then let me help you up," he said putting his hand out for me to grab.

I took his Hand in mine and got up.

"I'm Lexi," I introduced.

"And I'm Billy," he responded.

I burst out laughing alongside him.

"We'll hello Niall who sometimes likes to be called Billy," I giggled.

"Hello Lexi," he smiled.

Sophie walked up behind Niall with Liam right behind her.

"Heya!" I waved my peace sign eve at them.

"Hey Lexi! Meet Liam he was my old best friend," she smiled at us.

"I know. He's the one I called an ass," I smiled at Liam.

He frowned.

"Sorry had too. I don't think you are anymore. And you can ask Sophie here to explain," I said.

"Liam this is Lexi my best friend," Sophie introduced me.

"And I see you two have met," Harry smiled cheerily as he came over.

It was then that I noticed that everyone was gone besides Sophie, me, and the boys.

"And you are what Billy's Cousin?" I asked him causing both me and Niall to burst out laughing.

"Who's Billy?" Louis asked as he walked up to us.

I looked at Niall who was still laughing.

"Inside joke," I answered.

"Okay..." Louis mumbled.

"So what are we to do now," Zayn asked making me jump.

"Are you okay?" He asked me.

"Ya I just didn't see you before you say anything. Surprised me is all," I answered.

"Anyways where are we going?" Harry asked.

"Wherever, it's food," Niall said.

"Can Sophie and Lexi come with?" Liam asked the boys.

They all nodded their heads.

"Awesome," I mumbled.

I would be spending most of the rest of my night with 5 guys and my best friend... Awesome.

"Let's go!" Niall said running like a five year old to the limo.

I ran after him laughing my heads off as the others ran behind us.

We ended up going to Nandos and Liam and Sophie flirted all night. Leaving me basically alone with 4 boys I had no clue about. Niall and Harry tried to get me to talk but I became suddenly shy. Zayn and Louis were talking between each other about who knows what.

“Wow I Geuss someone is pretty shy not my type,” Harry whispered the last part.

“Don’t worry Pretty boy you aren’t my type either,” I said smirking in his direction.

Everyone turned and stared at me.

“Sorry had too…” I mumbled looking down at the ground.

“Foods here,” Niall said breaking the silence that had fallen.


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