Best Friends Again

Sophie is Liam's best friend. They do everything together. She has always liked him, but is scared he doesn't feel the same way. When Liam leaves her to try out for X Factor, he gets a girlfriend and forgets about her. But she never forgets. She becomes best friends with Lexi, a girl who moved to Wolverhampton a couple months after Liam leaves. When the two girls go to a concert and get backstage passes, will Liam recognize her? And does someone start to fancy Lexi?


2. Catching everything up



Lexi's POV

Let me start from the beginning two years ago when I moved to Wolverhampton. Sophie was still upset because of Liam going to X-Factor. I moved in about two streets away. Our parents became best friend. That was still a mystery to both of us.  We ended up having every class together. Soph was what some people would say shy. Well until you got to know her. She was smart like me. We didn't exactly I Geuss Click? At first. I actually didn't like her at first. I know shocker since we're best friends now. Anyways we became Best friends after a game of truth or dare. We were both at party. And the girls were all going to Dare Sophie to do something bad. It would have hurt her really bad. So I took the dare for her. Luckily for me Ryan who I later found out bullied her and Liam. Anyways he stopped me and got the girls to stop too. After that incident we became best friends.

Okay now let’s go back to One year ago.  I remember Sophie calling me in tears talking about some guy from this band called One Direction. I listened to her sob for about a minute before I got in my car and drove over to her house. I made sure to bring ice cream. I let her cry and cry as she told me about Liam about how they use to be best friends. Then she showed me the interview. I remember getting up and calling him an Ass. As Sophie defended him.

 Now a year later (present time) I had won tickets and back stage Passes for one of their concerts. And I wasn't so sure if I should tell Soph or not.

"So what’s up?" She asked me sitting down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn.

I stole a few pieces before answering.

"If I tell you will you promise me you won't scream and kill my ear drums or burst out in tears and ruin the popcorn," I told her.

"Pinky promise," she said as she held out her pinky.

"You’re such a little kid Soph. Anyways I won two tickets and back stage passes for..... One Direction," I whispered the last part as I held my hands over my ears.

"Do you think he'll remember me?" Is all she asked me.

I slowly took my hands away from my ears and looked her in the eyes.

"Who cares," I answer.

She shook her head and I swore I heard her whisper. I do.

"When are they for?" She asked me.

"I stole the popcorn from her and just sat their eating popcorn and string at wall before answering.

"Hellooooo anyone in there?" She asked waving her hand I front of my face.

"Ya I'm here. A there for tomorrow," I answered.

"Tomorrow?!?!?!?" She half screamed.

I groaned.

"I don't have an outfit. Lexi how can you just aping this on me. I have NOTHING TO WEAR!" She shouted at me.

This made me drop the popcorn which my dog happily decided to clean up for me.

"It's fine," I mumbled.

"I have to go find something to wear!! Lex you should come with me. Wait... How did you win those tickets and passes you don't even like one direction," Soph said as she stopped jumping up and down.

"Let's just say that when your calling your friend try not to call a radio station instead," I mumbled.

"Oh okay. Well I'm going to go find an outfit tomorrow. Talk to ya later Lexi," she yelled as she left my house.

I fell onto my couch and quickly fell asleep.


Random thoughts before I fell asleep.

I thought about Ryan and how he helped me become friends with Soph. How later I dated him until I found out the past. And how Soph wasn't getting as badly bullied now. How I was always there I stick up for. And lastly if Liam would remember her. Or would I have to be there for her because of idiot was. Slowly though I fell asleep and my thoughts stopped.




I know this was short but yaaaa. Just wanted to show y'all my writing way thingy. Imma LizaXx or Lexi in this story. Soooooo Ya that's all bye!! 

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