As long as you love me:) One direction

Background information:
Julia and Layla have been friends since primary school. They made a plan that once they graduate they would move to England for a while. Bree was also coming. Little did they know that they would end up meeting someone they fall in love with….will it last long or just be a “fling”.


5. With The Boys


Harry’s POV:

They all came running in together and hopped into the car. Layla was looking good….as usual, and her friends looked nice too. Im sure the boys will like them. I was snapped out of my thoughts when Layla started to introduce me to them. Harry this is my sister bree and my best friend Julia. Hi Bree, hi Julia I said. They both giggled and said hi back. I started to drive out of the drive way and Layla turned on the radio. LWWY started to play and I went to change it layla grabbed my hand, don’t change it….we do like this song ya know! With that I put my hand down. Layla then turned the music up. “Tonight lets get some, and live while were young” We were all singing and goofing around when I noticed my hand was intertwined with Laylas. It felt so right…like it was suppose to be like this everyday for the rest of my life. When we pulled into the driveway all 3 girls were in awe.

Layla’s POV:

I was still sitting in the car when harry came around and opened the door for me. He just started laughing at me. I jumped out of the car along with the other girls and we ran to the front door waiting for harry to allow us to go in. He walked over and opened the door and yet again we were in awe.

Julia’s POV:

As we walked up to the door I was amazed the size of the house. But when harry opened the door it was even better than I thought it would be. It had 2 staircases, a basement that was made into a hangout zone with tvs everywhere and tons of games. There was a bar area and sofas everywhere. There was a huge kitchen, 6 bedrooms and 3 with balconies. Also connected to the bedrooms were bathrooms. And there was a spa, a dining area, living room, game room, and finally a room with a fireplace which I assume was where the boys sit and talk when they problems. Harry then gave us a tour of the outside. There was a heated pool, patio with a fireplace, a hot tub, trampoline, and a big area in the back which was a soccer field. We eventually went back inside and waited for the boys to arrive.

Harry’s POV:

It was around 9 when the boys finally arrived. Layla, Bree, and Julia this is Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis’s friend Matty. They all got to know eachother and got along really well.

Matty’s POV:

Out of the girls I like Julia the most. We were talking for a while when Louis decided he wanted to play truth or dare.

Niall’s POV:

I think I hit it off with Bree really well. When Louis said he wanted to play truth or dare I emediatily sat next to bree. She seemed happy around me.

Layla’s POV:

I was really excited for the game truth or dare. Me and Harry sat next to eachother and he held my hand. I quickly looked at Julia and Matty and saw they were holding hands and matty gave her a quick peck on the cheek, probably thinking no one saw. I saw her blush. She was so cute with him. I then took a quick glance at bree and niall, and nialls had was gently rubbing brees leg. I then whispered in harrys ear, why cant we be like them? He just chuckled a little.

Louis POV:

Matty, truth or dare? Ummm, dare. I dare you to kiss the person you like the most. He got up walked around for a minute then sat back down in his spot and kissed her full on. He slowly pulled back paused in front of her face and smiled at her. She blushed a deep red. We then all bursted into laughter and she blushed even more, and matty grabbed her hand. OKK, that was akward! I said. Matty then said Harry, truth or dare?

Harry’s POV:

Harry truth or dare matty asked. Errmmm…..dare. I dare you to….make out with Layla. I turned to Layla and Layla turned to me. I put my hand on her leg and closed my eyes and I gently pressed my lips against hers. She put her hand on my cheek and our lips fit perfectly. I heard a lot of awww’s and ooooo! It was about 1 minute later and she let go and stared into my eyes and smiled greatly.

Layla’s POV:

OMG!!!!! I JUST KISSED HARRY STYLES!!! That was amazing! Like we were made for eachother. Ok my turn. Bree;) truth or dare…..mmmmm dare. I dare you to kiss niall on the cheek. Mmkk. She got up and pulled niall with her. She leaned in to kiss him on the cheek when he quickly turned his head and their lips met. His hands were on her waist, and her hands held his face. It was soo cute! They finally stopped and just smilied at eachother then sat back down. Oh come on can we do something that involves all of us, zayn whined! We started laughing. Your just jealous because you don’t have a girl like we do harry said, and we all laughed even more. Why don’t we watch a movie liam suggests? Yeah! Can we watch the Hunger Games please! I ask. Sure, they all replied in unsion. IM HUGRY!!!!! Niall yells. I will make some popcorn I say. Ill come too harry says. Alright lets go!

                        Nobody’s POV:

They were in the kitchen just waiting for the popcorn to be done.  Harry walked over to Layla and hugged her from behind, and nuzzled his head in between layla’s head and shoulder and started to kiss her neck. Layla smiled and turned around to kiss him. They kissed for about a minute, then the bell dinged signing the popcorn to be done. Layla turned on her heels and walked over to the microwave with harry behind her.

                         Layla’s POV:

Harry and I walked back into the living room and passed out the bowls of popcorn. We went and sat in the corner of the couch. Harry had his arm around me and my head was on his chest. I loved this feeling I was getting. I looked around the room and saw niall and bree sitting on the floor feeding each other and kissing every once in a while. I then turned to see Julia and matty all snuggled together kissing and smiling at each other. They are just so cute!!! As I was about to fall asleep I felt harry move under me. I looked up and saw him smiling at me. Can we talk he said?

Oh no. This isn’t good. Um yeah. We walked on the back patio. It was still pretty nice outside.

                    Harry POV:

Ok well I know we just met and all but I really like you and want to be able to call you mine. I want to see you everyday and kiss you whenever I want to. She started to get a good feeling about this. She leaned into kiss me. Sparks flew. I slowly pulled, so is that a yes? Of course! She kissed me again and then headed inside and walked to my room. Do you wanna watch a movie? Sure! How about…..the notebook! Yeah, lets do it! I slipped the movie in and crawled into bed. Layla came up and layed next to me with her head on my chest. It was perfect.

              Layla’s POV:

I was so comfortable around him. As the movie played I slowly drifted off into a deep sleep to the sound of harrys heart beat. When I woke up harry wasn’t here and I began to think it was all a dream. Then harry came in and kissed me on the cheek and said good morning beautifulJ I blushed. I got up and kissed harry back on the cheek and then went down stairs to make some breakfast. Harry was right behind me as usual. I looked into the living room and saw that everyone was still sleeping. Matty and Julia were cuddled up on the couch and julias head was resting on mattys chest. Bree and niall were sprawled out on the floor and yet still managed to be cuddled up together. Then I looked over to the other couch and saw  liam and zayn cuddled together, I laughed and showed harry. He laughed and walked back into the kitchen. I quickly grabbed my phone and took a picture of it. It was sooo cute!! I then grabbed harry and sat him on one of the kitchen seats and sat on top of him I took a picture of us smiling and then harry kissed me so I took a picture of that too. So what do u wanna do today? Well I was thinking we could go to the fair if u felt up to it. Yeah!  That would be so much funn! Ill go wake everyone up from breakfast

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