As long as you love me:) One direction

Background information:
Julia and Layla have been friends since primary school. They made a plan that once they graduate they would move to England for a while. Bree was also coming. Little did they know that they would end up meeting someone they fall in love with….will it last long or just be a “fling”.


8. The Party


Unknown Number:

Hey, Layla. Its Jacob! Just wanted to send you a text real quick to see how you are doing. There is party tomorrow and everyone from school is going to be there. Do you wanna come??

Who is it? Harry asked. Its Jacob! Remember from the fair. There is a party next week, and everyone I went to school with is going, do you wanna go or not..      Yes, of course ill go, as long as you wanna go. Oh yes

To Jacob:

Hey Jacob! Yeah ill come to the party! When and where is it?

From Jacob:

Cool! Its at 7:00 pm, till whenever you want to go home! Its at my house, and Bring your bathing suit!

When we got back to the house we all set up some decorations. Harry and I did the yard. We put some ghosty things in the yard and bones sticking up from the ground. Then we put this fog thing out, so the ground looks like fog. Then we just shinned orange and black lights on the house. When we finished decoration the whole house it was around 11 around 11:30 we all went to bed.







Once we all added our finishing touches we headed downstairs. Once we spotted the guys all of our mouths dropped. They looked good. They looked like:







As we walked down their mouths dropped too. We all laughed at them. Harry walked up to me and gave me a kiss. I smiled and said you look very handsome. He smiled thanks you don’t look too bad yourself. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a silver diamond heart locket. Harry its beautiful thank you! I said then gave him a quick kiss your welcome. Niall went over to Bree gave her a kiss and as harry did pulled something out of his pocket it was a silver heart necklace with diamonds on one side. Liam then gave Dani goldish hoop earings. Then Louis gave El a pair of heart diamond earings. Finally Zayn gave Perry a necklace with birds on it.  Harry, Niall, Bree Louis El and me were taking one car. And Zayn Perry Liam and Dani took a different car. Bree El Louis and me were in the back and niall and harry were in front. Harry turned on the radio and we are never getting back together came on and we all started singing. After about a half hour we arrived at his house. There was already a lot of people there. Once everyone was out of the car bree came up to me and said so we are fashionably late! And laughed. I just smiled at her. Harry and I were the first to walk in as soon as we walked in everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at us. Next was Bree and Niall then Louis and Eleanor then Liam and Dani. Finally Zayn and Perry. After about five minutes everyone stopped staring and started to talk again. We all went our separate ways soon enough me and harry ran into Jacob. Jacob! How are you? I asked Layla! Im very good how are you? Im good. I smiled and looked at harry. Harry this is Jacob. I motioned towards Jacob. Jacob this is harry. I smiled then motioned towards harry. They shook hands and smiled. Would you like a drink? Jacob asked. Yes please, ill have a vodka and coke please. He smiled and headed towards the bar. I turned towards harry so what do you think? I think he is weird. He said and smiled. I laughed and turned back around. Jacob came back with my drink and we started talking.


Around noon I woke up and went downstairs. Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn were already up. Hello mate maybe we should get the ladies up so they can get ready for the party. Said Zayn. Yes I agree. I said. We all went upstairs and got everyone up.



Niall woke me up and told me that it was time to get ready for the party. I was so excited to go to the party and see all of my sister’s friends. I went into the layla’s room and saw harry was trying to wake her up. Is she not getting up I asked. No she is so stubborn! He laughed. I pushed him out of the way and grabbed Layla and pushed her out of the bed. She squealed and sat up. I hate you Bree. I smiled love you too. After she finally was awake we got the other girls and went into the master bathroom. After about two hours of getting ready this is what we turned into:







  After we all went our separate ways niall and I went out on the back porch. It was a nice day out. Niall thank you for my necklace its beautiful. Your welcome love. He said with a smile. So can I tell you a secret? He asked yes of course I said. Harry wants to buy Layla a promise ring and he wants me to go with him to buy it but I don’t know what she likes so I think you should go with him. I smiled I would love to go with him! I know just what she likes. He smiled so tomorrow do you want to go out to lunch? Yes but is it ok if Layla harry El and Louis go? I ask with a smile. Of course he said with a smile.



 After a couple drinks I started to feel a little woozy but I thought it was ok because I haven’t seen my friends in forever and we were having a good time.



I saw that Layla was having a good time with her friends. I tried staying around her first because she was drunk and second I didn’t trust that Jacob guy. After about twenty minutes Niall called me over to go talk with him. I told Layla I would be right back and walked towards him Bree was by his side. Hey whats up? I asked We wanted to talk to you about the ring your getting my sister!! Bree said excitedly with a smile. I laughed well I don’t know what I want it to look like. I said ill go help you!! She squealed. I laughed again ok ill let you know when im going but right now I have to get back to Layla she is kinda drunk. I laughed. They said ok and I turned around and started walking towards her when I saw she was KISSING someone!! Who is that?? I walk up and pull off…..JACOB!!!!! GET OFF MY GIRL!!! I yelled I turned towards Layla and she looked at me like she was scared and didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden Niall and Bree showed up. Mate you need to stop walk away. Niall whispered something to Bree and walked away with me. I turned around as we were walking away and saw Bree taking Layla away.

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