As long as you love me:) One direction

Background information:
Julia and Layla have been friends since primary school. They made a plan that once they graduate they would move to England for a while. Bree was also coming. Little did they know that they would end up meeting someone they fall in love with….will it last long or just be a “fling”.


7. The Hunger Games


Layla’s POV:

When we arrived at McDonalds we made a plan that we were gonna tell them our name was Prim and do the whole “I volunteer and tribute” thing. I would go up and order say my name was prim and when they would call me up Louis or “catniss” would flip out and say I volunteer and tribute. Harry was gonna record it. I go to the lady and order. Hi, I would like uhm 13 big macs, 13 fries, 11 drinks, 3 vinalla milkshakes, 2 chocolate milkshakes, a few apples, 1 chocolate milk, and a few carrots please. She look at me like I was crazy. Is that all mam’ yes thankyou. Ok, and your name is? My name is prim, prim rose. She looks at me weird again and says ok, your order will be ready shortly we will call you up when it ready. Great, thanks. With that I walked away. I walked up to harry who was still recording and I look into the camera. Ok so it looks like the plan is working so far, the just have to call my name! A few short minutes later you hear “Prim Rose”. I get a look of horror on my face like in the movie, then all of the sudden you hear Louis jump up. NO, NO!!! I volunteer. I volunteer as tribute!!!! He runs to the person we is just staring at us. All of us at the table were laughing hysterically. Lou then comes back with the food. That was a good idea lou says to me giving me a hug. I laugh, I know that was pretty funny, and we got it all recorded! Haha.

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