As long as you love me:) One direction

Background information:
Julia and Layla have been friends since primary school. They made a plan that once they graduate they would move to England for a while. Bree was also coming. Little did they know that they would end up meeting someone they fall in love with….will it last long or just be a “fling”.


2. The beginning of something magical


Layla’s POV:

I am 18 years old. I have light blonde hair that goes down past my shoulders.  I have baby blue eyes and about 5 5”. I love playing sports. I play soccer and do a little bit of gymnastics and dance. I also enjoy to sing, I like to think I have a good voice but im not too sure. But today was the day. Today Julia and I get to get ready what we have been dreaming of! Going to England! But more importantly we were finally graduating! We stood side by side as they called our names……we were over joyed with excitement. Our parents were sitting together and once they called our names we heard them cheering with excitement! Today was going to be a good day!

Julia’s POV:

I am also 18 years old. I have light blonde hair just like Layla but my hair is a little shorter. I have hazel colored eyes and about the same height as Layla. We were so excited for today! It was all planned out…..we would graduate, go out for a while, and leave the next day for England! We finally made it! (this is all I kept thinking about) I zoned back in when they called our names, all you could hear in the background was cheering from our parents, and of course Bree!

 Bree’s POV:

I was so proud of them! They made it all the way through school! But I really couldn’t wait to go to England with them! We were all packed at ready to go for our flight tomorrow.

Layla’s POV:

We were having such a good night with all of our friends but it came to a point where we had to go home so we were ready for our flight in the morning. Julia and I were both sleeping at Bree’s place tonight so we all headed to her house. I set the alarm for 5:30 a.m. because our flight was at 7. We were all excited for the day that was coming in just a few hours.

Bree’s POV:

I heard a loud beeping noise and suddenly realized it was the alarm clock. It read 5:30. I did not want to get up but I was so excited for the day ahead of us. I turned the alarm off and headed for the shower. I took a quick shower then woke Layla up. She showered just as fast and then woke up Julia, who also showered.

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