As long as you love me:) One direction

Background information:
Julia and Layla have been friends since primary school. They made a plan that once they graduate they would move to England for a while. Bree was also coming. Little did they know that they would end up meeting someone they fall in love with….will it last long or just be a “fling”.


6. A Fun Day At The Fair


Matty’s POV:

Julia and I were getting onto the farris wheel. We just started talking about random stuff then I got a little more serious. Julia, I really like you and want to know if you will do the honor of being my girlfriend? She smiled a great big smile and said yes, I gave her a quick kiss then got serious again. I have one more question. Ok….go on. Well I was wondering if you would like to come with me to record the new season of akward and we can just spend time together where I record… Of course, I would love too! Wait, what about the girls. She says. Well we wont be gone for that long, and you could fly over whenever you wanted to. Oh ok! Sounds great! When do we leave

? Umm, about 3 days…

Louis’ POV:

When we all go off the farris wheel we all decided we were hungry, especially Niall. He is going on and on about how hungry he is and the if he dosent get fed soon he will die. We all just laughed at him. Layla suggested we go to McDonalds, which I didn’t mind. We all started walking to the car when I got the sudden urge I wanted to skip. So I started skipping and sang “were off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of all”! Everyone just stood there laughing at me. Julia’s POV:

I was woken by Layla shacking me and matty. I didn’t want to move from the position I was in. I was so comfortable and warm. Me and matty were under a blanket and I was wrapped in his arms. I stayed like this for a moment then he looked at me and I looked at him. He leaned in for a kiss and our lips met. It was perfect.

Nialls POV:

CHILDREN, WAKE UP BREAKFAST IS READY!!!!! Was all I heard and I was up in a heartbeat. I then realized that I woke bree up so I quickly turned around went back to her and kissed her. I then grabbed her hand and ran to the kitchen table. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Julia, Matty, Harry, and Layla were already there. I dug in and started to eat!

Harry’s POV:

So I was thinking that today if u guys wanted to we could go to the fair or something? They all seem pretty excited about this. Yeah totally! They all replied. Wait, Louis said. Can I ask if elenor wants to come!? Yeah sure mate! Ok, then lets get ready! They all quickly got up from the table. Im going to go home and get ready real quick, ill be right back over Layla said. I gave her a quick kiss then off she went with the other girls.

Layla’s POV:
When I got back to my apartment I plugged in my iphone into the docking station and started the music. Live while were young started to play and I turned it up all the way! “Lets go crazy crazy crazy till’ we see the sun!” I hopped into the shower and sung the whole time. Torn came on next, “nothins’ fine im torn im all outta faith this is how I feel. I love this music!! When I got out of the shower I turned on and etergetic song, which turned out to be everybody talks by neon trees. All three of us were dancing and singing as the song was playing. I ended up putting on a pair of jean shorts with a ruffle pink tank top with a white sweater over it, and a pair of silver sparkle sperrys. I did my make up which consisted of mascara and lipgloss. I let my hair air dry and pulled it back with a head band.  Julia put on a pair of yellow shorts and then put on a solid white V-neck t shirt. She then put on a pair of sandles. She did her makeup just like mine then straightened her hair. Bree scrunched her hair and put on make up also. She then put on jean capris and a half shirt with a tank top on under it. She then matched that with a pair of toms. I turned off the docking station and we were off to harrys.

To Harry:      We are on our way, see you in a bit;) xX

From Harry:       Cant wait;) xX

The whole car ride we talked. So bree, you and niall?! Haha well yeah I think but he didn’t ask me out or anything like that but I think he likes me! Oh he does for sure!! Haha yeah I guess. And Julia, you and matty?? Well, like Bree he didn’t ask me out but ya know I think we got along pretty well. ;) Well that’s good! Im so happy for you guys!! Well its not all about us, Bree said. What about you and harry?? Well he asked me out last night. AND……. WHAT DID U SAY??....... Well I said yes! Oh my goshh….good!!!!!!! haha.

Harry’s POV:

Hey boys, you ready? The girls are on their way. Yeah were ready, they all yelled down from their rooms. Ok…..I walked into nialls room. So niall, how are you and Bree? Well I really like her so I am planning to take her out on a date some time this week to ask her to be my girlfriend. What do u think? Oh man! Im so happy for you! Ok, well what about you and Layla? Well, I asked her out lasy night and she said yes. Oh that’s fantastic! Haha yeahh. I then walked out of his room and walked into the living room where matty was. So matty, I see you and Julia getting pretty cozy last night….yeah man I really like her. Im thinking of asking her out Well good you should Yeah, so you and Layla? Yeah, I asked her out last night and she said yesJ oh great! After I finished talking to the boys I walking into lounge and waited for the girls to arrive. A few minutes later all the girls came walking trough the door. I walked right up to Layla and grabbed her hand and sat her on the couch with me. Niall went and got bree, and Matty went and got Julia. Are you ready for the fair? I asked Layla. Yes, of course!

Layla’s POV:

Everyone came down to the lounge and greeted us. Harry, Matty, Niall, Bree, Julia, and I were all sitting in the lounge when Zayn came down with Perrie. Shortly after him Liam came down with Danielle. Finally Louis came down with Elenor and we all just said and relaxed and talked for a few minutes. I talked to the other girls quickly before I turned to Harry. When did they other girls get here? They came about an hour before you did. Oh, cool! Is everyone ready to go? I asked. They all replied with yes!! Excitement in their voices. We all took separate cars incase we wanted to do something different after the fair. We all rode as…..couplesJ funny how that works out. On our way to the fair I went on my oovoo, and talked with my friends for a little while. Auctally, one of my old school friends were going to the fair too, so I will get to see him. Hey babe, guess whos going to the fair! Who….. one of my old friends, Jacob sarow. He seemed to get a little tense but put on a smile and said cool, maybe I can meet him. Yes, for sure! I was planning on just to say a quick hiJ ok, cool. We finally arrived at the fair and met up with everyone else. The boys each put on a pair of sunglasses hoping that would be enough to cover up, for now. We then went in line for our tickets. Oh my gosh, Jacob is that you??!! He turned around and looked at me for a second…Oh my- LAYLA!!!!! I gave him a hug. How have you, I haven’t seen you in forever?? I felt harry grip my hand tighter, so I stepped back a little and closer to harry just so he knows Im with him.  Im really good! How are you?? Pretty good been kinda busy tho, its nice to get a break at the fair! Yeah I know! Well maybe we could meet up and go for lunch sometime to catch up? Jacob asks. Yeah, of course! That would be fun! With that her turned around and and went his own way. I then turned to harry, ready to go on some rides!? Yeah! Lets go! We all went our separate ways and decided we would meet up for lunch. Harry, wanna go on a roller coaster?! Well I don’t know, I don’t really like them. They kinda scare me. Oh come on babe, ill hold ur handJ please! Ok fine. But first, give me a kisss;) I looked at him, and he had a  cheeky grin on his face. I got on my tippy-toes and give him a kiss, and pulled away. He then came down and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I then grabbed his hand and ran to the roller coaster, which is just like the super man at darien lake, but a little different. Lets go in the back, you always go fastest back threre! I then ran back to the back of the line. We waited for it to go around 3 times for other people, then it was finally our turn. I hopped in, and harry came and sat next to me. We buckled in then we were off. OH MY GOSH I CANT BELIEVE IM DOING THIS!!!! IM GOING TO DIE!!!! Was all harry kept saying. I just held his had tighter. It then came up to the picture thing, I put harrys hand up for a half of a heart, and I did the other half. Harry had a look of fear on his face, but I was just smiling. When we got off we went to look at the pictures. Awww harry! Its so cute, can we buy it! Pretty please! Sure babe, anything for you.! I gave him a quick kiss then walked up to the counter and told her that I would like the pictures. We got the pictures then went to go on another ride. Babe, I think we have to go meet up with the rest real quick. What time is it? 12:30. Oh yeah, we gotta go meet up with them. I take hold of harrys hand and we walk over to the picnic table to see everyone else there. Alright I will go get our food. But im going to need some help. Anyone wanna come? I question. Harry pops up, I will comeJ ok! Wait, what does everyone want? I want a hotdog niall says, and chips, and a drink, and a pretzel. Ha, ok. Everyone else just wanted a hot  dog. Harry and I walked over to the concession stand, and ordered the food. As we were waiting 3 girls came up to us. One looked about 13, and the other 2 looked around 17 or 18. Are you harry styles? They ask. Uhm, yes I am. OH MY GODD!!!! CAN WE HAVE AN AUTOGRAPH!!! Yeah sure. They hand him a piece of paper. As he is signing it they look at me, who are you? They say. I look down at harry then reply, Im just one of harrys friends. Harry pops up from writing and says, shes kidding shes my girlfriend;) I look over and smile at harry. Our name got called and we went and got our food. We ended up have 4 trays of food. After we finished eating we all went our own ways again and went on some rides. What do you wanna go one? I ask. Oooo, how about I go play one of those games and win you something! Aw, yeah!

Harry’s POV:

We walk over to a game where you have to get a ring type thing around a bottle. Ok, I throw one and it misses, I throw a second one and it rings right around, and I throw my third one and it rings around again! If you get 2 around you could get something big. What do you want love? I want that great big pink bear!!!! Its all yours! I grab the bear down for her and go to hand it to her. Wait, before you can have it I want a kiss. Ok, I can do that! She says. I then give her the bear. We that ask a person who works here to take our picture. We had a few pictures then we went on a couple more rides. It was getting darker, so we decided we wanted to go on the farris wheel. As were waiting in line I see everyone else walk in line too. Oh hey guys! Looks like we all wanted to go on the farris wheel! They all laughed. We then got on the farris wheel. It was Layla and I in the first cart, then Niall and Bree, Louis and Elenour, Liam and Danielle, Zayn and Perrie, and finally Matty and Julia. When we got on Layla and I just sat there for a minute, but Layla seemed a bit…..scared? Babe, you ok? I ask. Uhmm….yeah just a little scared of heights. I move closer to her, and rap my arm around her to comfort her. Her eyes are still closed. I then went in for a kiss. Her eyes shot open, but then she was kissing back. We then just sat there looking into eachothers eyes.

Niall’s POV:

Alright niall, this is your chance. Just ask her out already! Bree, can I ask you something? I blurt out before I can even think. She seemed a bit nervous. Uhmm, yeah sure. Whats up? Well, when I first saw you I knew you were the one for me. I want to be able to kiss you like couples do, hold hands like couples do, take pictures like couples do, but most of all I want us to be a couple. Bree, will you be my girlfriend? Her eyes were tearing up. She grabbed me and hugged me real tight then said yes. I then leaned in a gave her a kiss. We spent the rest of the time on the farris wheel talking about what we wanted to do tomorrow.

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