As long as you love me:) One direction

Background information:
Julia and Layla have been friends since primary school. They made a plan that once they graduate they would move to England for a while. Bree was also coming. Little did they know that they would end up meeting someone they fall in love with….will it last long or just be a “fling”.


13. A farmiliar face



Harry’s POV:

Wow. She finally said it. I love. You. The words I have waited for for so long. God, I love her and I finally got it out.  We continued driving down the road. Hey, maybe later we can go to the mall….? Layla said. Sure anything for you. What would you want to shop for? I asked. Well, Christmas is coming up and I think we should get something nice for everyone! Oh yes, that’s a very good idea! We stopped back home to change and empty all the groceries. Layla ran up the stairs and changed into a pair of skinny-jeans and a long sleeve shirts. I shortly followed afters her changing into a pair of black jeans with a white t-shirt. We put everything away and then hopped back into the car. What stores do you want to go to.? Im not sure right now, I thought we could walk around and when we found something we could just buy it. I smirked a little. Alright. We pulled into the mall parking lot and walked into the mall. I held layla’s hand in mine as we walked through the mall.

Layla’s POV:

We were walking for a little while, when I saw a familiar face. When he turned and saw me his face broke into a smile. All the memories came flooding in. My grip tightened on harrys hand. My jaw clentched as he winked at me. My mind was spinning. I never thought I would see him again, but here he is. Right in front of me. I was taken away from my thoughts as harry said my name. Im running to the restroom real quick, ill be right back. Okay, I replied. I stood  outside the room as I waited for him to return. My thoughts went back to the man I had previously seen. The thought of him gave me shivers. I then felt a large had touch my face, I looked up to see the horrifying face of the person I despised the most. Ryan. The guy who caused me so much pain. Hey baby, he said. His hand went from my face to my hip. Don’t call me that, I spat. His hand then wandered up to my chest, lightly pulling on my shirt to reveal my breasts. Am I still on you.? He questioned. I slapped his hand away. Don’t touch me. He chuckled, liking the fight I was putting up. Has your little boyfriend seen it.? His hand lingered all over my body. His touch made me clench up. I suppose he hasn’t. he said after I didn’t reply. I went to move away from him but he forcefully grabbed my arm forcing me to the wall. Hey baby, you wont get from me this time. His touch run up my shirt. I squirmed trying to get away from him. He harded his grip on my arm causing me to whimper. Good girl. He stated. He started pulling into a room under construction, that nobody was in. My body started to shake. I heard harrys faint voice calling my name. I screamed as loud as I could so he could hear me. I heard his loud footsteps coming from behind us. Ryan pushed me to the wall once again slapping me hard across the face. I will find you, he stated. And youll never leave me again. He then ran as soon as harry came to my side. I started crying and shaking. Harry held a protective arm over my shoulder. Shh, its going to be all right. He took me back home, holding my hand the whole time. When we arrived back at the flat we went upstairs, and into bed. I changed into one of harrys shirts that came to mind thigh and crawled into then bed. I watched as harry grabbed cloths to change into and head to the bathroom to change. Before he went in the bathroom I called his name. He turned ad looked at me. Please don’t leave me alone I said with tear sin my eyes. He didn’t say anything but he changed in the door way. He put on a pair of shorts and left his chest bare. He then crawled in bed next to me. I lay my head in his chest as he kissed the top of my head. Who was that.? He asked. I remained quite for a couple seconds. He was my boyfriend. Harrys arm slung over my body, hand landing on my hip. He didn’t say anything after that, so I continued on. When we were together, he was very sweet at the beginning. I noticed that he started getting very angry over little things. At one point, he started hitting me. I let my tears roll on harrys bare chest. One day, we got into an argument about something silly.  I tried to apologize to him but all he did was yell. I was tired of him yelling, so I said goodbye and walked out of his house. He didn’t really appreciate that. He came storming out and yelling at me more. He came over to me and hit me anywhere he could. I started to panic. But he kept hitting me and pushing me around. I tried to get out of his grip but I couldn’t. He pushed me to the ground and found a sharp object on the ground. I was terrified. He started to chuckle and he said “now you will always remember me, and I will have you marked forever”. He then pulled down my shirt, and cut me. Right on the inside of my.. b-breast. I ran as fast as I could away from him. As I was running he yelled, ill find you and finish you off one day. I was now sobbing into harry.





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