You may think Lexie is a normal girl with a normal life. Lexie isn't so happy. Her family is tearing apart. Her mom is dying of cancer, her dad lost his job, her brothers abuse her, and her abusive boyfriend is treating her like a dog, no scratch that, he treats a dog better than her. She wants to run away but has no where to go until she meets One direction. Her life turns better but then goes down hill when she makes the wrong choice, and when abusive boyfriend finds her, to take her back home to the life she is living in. Will she ever have the life she wanted? or will she just get lost.


2. she like a lost puppy

Liam`s POV: I just need a break from everything. I really miss Danielle. This whole 'break up' is tearing me apart. I just need fresh air. Good thing I brought my umbrella because it started to rain real bad. I look over to my left and see a girl fall to her knees. I quickly go over to her and comfort her. She is crying real bad. "Its okay, let it out" I said trying to make her comfortable. I grab my umbrella and put over us. "Want to get coffee?" I asked. She nods and gets up. Half way there I could see the girl shivering. I take off my jacket and put it on her. We make it to the coffee shop. "What would you like' I ask her. " Just water" she said looking down. I just nodded and went to order. When I got my coffee and her water, I went back to our table. "I`m Liam" I said. "I`m Lexie" she said quietly. I grabbed her chin and made her look at me. She was beautiful. Like really beautiful. "your beautiful" I said while I kept starring at her. She just giggles. I realized what I just said and I blushed. "Thank you". I smiled when she said that. We just starred at each other while smiling. She looked the other way and then looked at me frightened. She quickly toke a pen from the counter and a napkin and started writing fast. After she was done she gave me the paper. "whats wron-", I got caught off by someone yelling, "LEXIE". Everyone looked at this guy. Lexie got up and went to him. She looked scared. I wanted to go after her but she just mouthed 'no'. I looked at the note. 'Liam to know my story, meet me at the park at 11:30 pm ~Lexie". When I looked back up, she was gone.

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