You may think Lexie is a normal girl with a normal life. Lexie isn't so happy. Her family is tearing apart. Her mom is dying of cancer, her dad lost his job, her brothers abuse her, and her abusive boyfriend is treating her like a dog, no scratch that, he treats a dog better than her. She wants to run away but has no where to go until she meets One direction. Her life turns better but then goes down hill when she makes the wrong choice, and when abusive boyfriend finds her, to take her back home to the life she is living in. Will she ever have the life she wanted? or will she just get lost.


3. No where to escape

Lexie`s POV: During the car ride, while my boyfriend Steve was yelling at me, I started to think about Liam. He was really nice and cute. I think I have a crush on him. No Lexie what are you thinking he could be another jerk like Steve. But Steve would never comfort me like how Liam did. My thoughts were interrupted by Steve hitting me. "ow" I said while rubbing my arm. "Who was the guy you were with!" "don't worry about it Steve" "don't worry about?! get in the back of the car" "no please no this again" "GO TO THE BACK OF THE CAR AND START TAKING YOUR CLOTHES OFF YOU LITTLE B****". I had to follow his orders or he will hurt me more. I  went to the back of the car and followed his order. This isn't fun. I got nowhere to escape.

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