taylor swift to day

it is ready and be come of my if you want to help but be on my grupe too. say something when you have read it come on. i like feed back


5. 11-01-2012

dear diary

today I’ve actually didn’t do anything… or you know I did something but it wasn’t… you know… it was only boring things like watcing TV and go on the toilet and eating and then sleeping again but I did one thing special and that is what I’ve done a few times before and that is cutting but this time I actually didn’t hurt as much as the other times but it still hurt. 

I'm feeling better and I'm not so sad any more and it's weird that I'm sad cos it was me who broke up with Conor and not him but the only reason was that red tour you know and if he love me now he will love me then, hopefully.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm sorry that i didn't rote any thing in a time but I'm just soooo busy but i try to ride so much I can I'm sorry if there are some spelling mistakes but I'm from denmark, so thank you for reading this please like and put on favorite if you want 


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