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it is ready and be come of my if you want to help but be on my grupe too. say something when you have read it come on. i like feed back


4. 10-31-2012


Dear diary

Well… I just… you know… I just can’t do this more, I just want to tell you, my BEST friend that I’ve done something very bad and I just don’t have anyone else to tell, (this is not real) I’ve just cut myself, and it’s not the first time, but the worst thing is… is… is that I’d like it, and it feel like, it was the right thing to do, even through I know it’s not, it just feel like that, but you need do keep that as a secret, and don’t tell it to anyone, because then I’m going to die, so shhhh!.

But I was on the ellen yesterday and it was actually very funny, I’m glad that I decided to be there, cause if I didn’t, I would probably be sitting here at home, and eating ice cream and watching movies. She is actually very scary! she scared me so much that me heart were just like... it just stop'd. it was totally crazy and I was like "aaaarrrrrrggggggg why do you do stuf like that?? I think my heart just stop'd" and she was like " because it's just soooooo funny and the rest of the day I look behind me all time, because I was afraid of being scared, again. 



xoxo taylor 


forfatter bedsked 

no new capters in the wekkend

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