taylor swift to day

it is ready and be come of my if you want to help but be on my grupe too. say something when you have read it come on. i like feed back


1. 10-28-2012

Dear diary to day I broke up with my boyfriend conner Kennedy because of my red tour next year no hard fillings. And I'll be on the katieshow tomorrow can't wait. But i'm stile sorry over conner. I hope we well get together again. And I have got a new job on the vampire diaries as one of stefan's older friends Alyssa I am 500 years older and i'm tuned by Klaus and I know Lexis well it was definite from valentine's day but it was fun 

tomorrow  I'm gonna be on the ellen show but... I don't know if i can, I'm just soooo sad and right know I'm just sitting in my bed and eat choklade icecream and seeing some movies who in don't know and actually I don't wonna admit this but right know I'm crying I know it's weird because it was me who broke up with conner but it was only because of my tour I well keep you updated.

love taylor <3


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