Hogwarts is my home

Rosealina is a wizard and it's her first year attending Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardy! She is a Halfblood, her dad is a wizard her mum is not. She falls in love with the Weasly twins but which one will she choose? It's my first attempt at a HP fanfic so I hope it goes well and please read it! ;)


1. Diagon Alley

  I got up early and got dressed. My mom gave me some toast as my dad rushed me out the door. We got in the car and drove to the Leaky Cauldron. We went in the back my dad tapped the brick wall with his wand. We walked into the crowded street of Diagon Alley. I saw wand shops and book stores and more. My dad pulled out my school supply list "One wand." he said with a smile. "From Olivander's wand shop." I reply. We walk into the shop and Olivander hands me a wand. I give it a flick and boxes of wands fly out of their shelves. "Opps sorry!" I say putting the wand back in its box. "Maybe a Mahogany, 9 inches in length, with the core of Unicorn hair. I flick the new wand and all the boxes go back in their place. my dad hands the money to Olivander. "One pet Owl, Rat or Toad." my dad says looking at the list. "Owl please." I say as we walk in the door of the shop. I see barn owls and great horned owls but the one that sticks out is a small brown owl ruffleing her feathers. "That one!" I say to my dad. He takes the cage down and walks to the counter. I spun around and look out the window to the street. I see 8 redheads walk past. One stops in his tracks and waves to me. And a boy just like him comes over and pulls him away. I blush and walk over to my dad. We walk out of the store and towards Gringots. We go to our vault and my dad hands me a few sickles to go buy my books while he gets some finance work done. I run to the book store and again i see those 8 redheads. I walk over to the astronomy books. I here 2 boys muttering to each other. They walk towards me and I turn around. "Hello I'm Fred and this is George!" the first one says. "And we're the weasley twins. It's are second year going to Hogwarts." says the second. "I'm a first year, hoping to be a gryffindor!" I shake there hands and buy my books. "So here's my address just send me letters anytime..." Fred says handing me a piece of parchment. "Let's go Fred!!!" I hear a woman yell. I walk out the store and bump into my dad. We buy the rest of my stuff and go home.
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