The Rabbit Mistaken for a Rabake

The story of a rabbit with very large ears, who has to wriggle to get around, like a snake. But is mistaken for a Rabake. A crossbreed between a rabbit and a snake.


1. The Rabbit Mistaken for a Rabake

Once there was a Rabbit, that had really big ears. So big that he had to wriggle everywhere like a snake. He is always picked on by other Rabbits for this. The Rabbit was so upset that everyone bullied him, that he set out to find The Wise Dragon. So he left the field he grew up, without saying anything to anyone, and made his way through the Forbidden Forest.


But when he ventured into the forest, the Rabbit quickly became frightened. The Forbidden Forest was no place for a Rabbit. But he knew that it was the only way to get to The Wise Dragon. When a Fox stepped in front of the Rabbit, he stood still. The fox just looked at him.
"You're a rather strange looking Rabake aren't you?" The Rabbit looked up at him confused,
"Rabake?" he squeaked. The Fox looked surprised when the Rabbit said this.
"A half breed of a Rabbit and a Snake, but they don't have large ears like you do." The Rabbit wasn't happy, and started to get annoyed.
"I'm not a Rabake!" he exclaimed. "I just have big ears, so big that I have to wriggle everywhere like a snake!"


The Fox didn't say anything. He mouth cracked into a grin, until he was in tears of laughter.
"Then I could just eat your ears, that might help your large situation," the Fox chuckled. The rabbit let out a squeal and quickly scurried away. Wriggling as fast as he could. He didn't want the fox to eat his ears. The Fox didn't chase him though, for he knew that the Rabbit's ears would tire him out quicker than other Rabbits. Once the rabbit grew tired, he would be able to chase after him with ease. He licked his lips at the thought of his magnificent plan.


But before the Rabbit could even grow tired, an Owl swooped down to him. He too looked at the Rabbit, confused. Eventually, he inquired.
"I didn't know that Rabakes had feet, are you a different breed?" His anger grew even more.
"No! I'm a rabbit!" The Rabbit yelled in anger and tried to wriggle away from the owl. But the Owl stepped in front of him and chuckled, licking his beak.
"Does that mean I can eat your feet? Then you might be more like a Rabake maybe?"
"No! Certainly not! I want my ears to shrink so I can use my feet!" the Rabbit spat and wriggled around the Owl.


Now running from an Owl and a Fox, he didn't look back, but then was confronted by a Wolf.
The Wolf circled around him, sniffing him, confused and certainly intrigued.
"You are strange, I didn't know Rabakes had fluffy tails." He lowered his head,
"For the last time!" the Rabbit screamed. "I am a Rabbit! I just have large ears so I have to wriggle like a snake. Now let me pass!" he shouted while running between the Wolf's legs.


The Rabbit was running faster and faster. He could hear the Fox, Owl and Wolf chasing after him. He started to cry out for help, even though he knew that no-one would help him.
"Help! Help! Help me please!" he called out. But no-one came. It was then that he tripped over his large ears, and tumbled across the forest floor. Then the Fox, Owl and Wolf circled around him, all of them licking their lips. But before they could call out what part they got, the wind rushed pass them. And there, standing in front of all of them. The Wise Dragon.


He then roared up to the sky, shaking the trees around them. The Fox, Owl and Wolf all ran away, back to their parts of the forests. The Rabbit smiled up at the Dragon.
"Thank you," he said, his ears pricking up slightly.
"You're welcome. Is there any other way I can help you?" he asked. Lowering his head to speak, listening politely. The Rabbit then remembered what he wanted to ask him.
"Yes actually." The Dragon lifted his eyebrow,
"What is it?" The Rabbit thought for a moment, but then decided.


"Actually, it doesn't matter." The Dragon smiled, then nodded. Before he could say goodbye, he flew away. The Rabbit then went home. When he got back, everyone was asking where he was. His parents were scared out of their skin, but his only reply was:
"I went for a walk."


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