The Life Of April.

The Life Of April.
April's just a plain girl, well was until she got involved in something way bigger than she'll ever be,


1. When I meet him.

My name's April, I'm your typical teenager.. Well, not really.. I'm unique, I like different music to everyone else. I'm that person who's put in the category of an Emo or Goth... It doesn't bother me, and I doubt it ever will.

It was just a typical day of school, boring day.. Learning the same thing over and over. It was the end of the day and I just felt like going to the beach for the day. Sit on the sand and watch the ocean. I was sat with my notebook. Writing the first thing that came to mind, and trying to make it into a story, but getting no ideas.. Doodling on the pages. Drawing the ocean, but I started drawing some weird creature.. Veins under the eyes and really sharp teeth. Red eyes, like a demon. I'd just finished drawing it,when I heard a voice above me. I jumped looking up and say a tallish teen, about my age looking down at me. Black hair, ocean blue eyes and muscles under his top that slightly showing through the white shirt he was wearing.

"Hey." His voice was gentle and I guessed he was repeating himself. I stood up meeting his eyes.

"Hi, I'm April." I held out my hand and he shook it. A slight smile appearing on his face.

"I'm Alek." His name matched his face,and I felt myself smiling. "What was that you were drawing?" He looked down at my book but I closed it before he could see it.

"Nothing interesting, just the ocean and some doodles." He looked back up and his eyes meet mine, giving me butterflies. 

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