The Life Of April.

The Life Of April.
April's just a plain girl, well was until she got involved in something way bigger than she'll ever be,


2. What Happened Next.

I looked at Alek, not knowing what to say.. The silence felt like thousands of words, and he was still looking at me. He leaned closer to me, like he was going to touch the book. I moved it. I felt his fingers touch my skin, and my body tingled, I felt warmth going through my body. He leaned even close to me and whispered in my ear.

"I'm sure it's not that bad." His breath on my cheek gave me butterflies again and I felt like I couldn't breath. He moved away, and I let out my breath. I felt like I'd be holding my breath for the last 10 minutes or so.

"Yeah, well it is actually that bad, I really can't draw." I was lying to his face, and was really hoping he wouldn't notice. A smile appeared on the side of his lips. He started walking next to me, I thought he'd got bored of me and was going to talk to someone else, prettier and more interesting than me. He turned back and looked at me.

"You coming?" I walked next to him, and we walked for a little bit in silence, it felt awkward and I didn't know if I should say anything.. I felt something on my hand, I looked down and saw that his hand was touching mine. The tingle through my body came back, and the warmth. I felt like I was blushing, or dreaming. Or both.

"So, other than drawing. What do you like doing..?"

"Uh, writing, Listening to music." I answered too quickly and I felt his gaze on my face. I quickly turned to him and stopping walking. "Okay, who put you up to this? Was it Chelsea  Or Lily. Oh wait, I bet it was Eran. Been the weird type of friend she is." He frowned at me.


"Your pranking me aren't you? You mean, like sucking up to me. Thinking that this is actually real. Then your just going to laugh at me, and get paid by Lily or something. Oh wait, yeah I bet you are." I sighed and walked away from him, as quickly as I could just trying to forget what just happened. I heard him running towards me. 

"Wait, April.. Will you wait for me please." I stopped all of a sudden, I saw him walk around till he was directly in front of me. "April, I have no clue what your talking about.. I don't even know who these people are. To be fair, I just moved to town, and I don't know who anyone is. I go to beach's to think and be by myself. And I saw you here, drawing away. I seriously just wanted to friends with you. As you know.. I kinda don't have any." I suddenly felt so bad. He'd just told me everything about him, and I wouldn't even show him one picture of this creature I drew.

"Alek, I'm so sorry, I didn't know.. I just thought-" He cut me off

"Yeah, you didn't think.. Your just like every other girl. Thinking the world resolves around you. Thinking a guy will bow at your face, and want to be with you. But your wrong." He walked away from me. I slumped to the floor. I felt like crying. He was wrong. I wasn't like everyone else, I was different and I never wanted to be normal. I wanted to be with him. Be friends with him. Feel the tingle that his touch makes. The sound of his voice, the look from his eyes, that make you feel like your flying. 

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